TRACK PREMIERE: Dagny – "Used To You

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Pop-art songstress Dagny has been sprinkling her fuzzy anthems all over playlists since she first came onto the scene with her debut Ultraviolet in 2016. No stranger to making Spotify playlists, securing commercial spots and racking up millions of plays, the Norgewian songstress is set to headline her first tour this spring after proving herself to the masses with opening gigs for notable names like Sir Elton John and Sting.
Her latest single “Used To You” is a track that invokes the nostalgia of your favorite scene in a romance film ala John Cusack’s famous radio holding scene in Say Anything. It’s a song that makes you want to yearn for someone in the most passionate of ways, preferably in the rain with during an epiphany of some sort with tears streaming down your face.
Dagny says of the song, “I’ve been very excited about releasing my new single “Used To You”. It’s a song full of energy and guts, but with a heartbreaking undertone. Emotionally it was my hardest song to write to date. Lyrically it reflects and observes a relationship that’s coming to an end. But as always, wrapped  with a production full of hope and positivity.”





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