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photos / Rowmel

Abby Jasmine encompasses everything that is great about the Instagram generation. She’s bold, she certainly #DGAF and it’s fun to engage with her feed, vicariously having the time of your life through her effortless glitz and glamour.  Abby rose to fame through her vibrant feed, full of a girl who is hustling her way to the top with slick-talking candor and humorous takes on life.  When you add ghostly beats and lyrics like, “I’ve been sipping, popping tags and getting fly all night,” to accompany you get a level of music badassery that Rihanna would approve.
Enjoy “Tags” and our interview with the new patron saint of cool as fuck, Abby Jasmine.

How did you get into Instagram?
Pretty much the same way everybody else got into Instagram, just made an account and started showing the drip. I actually had a previous account but my mom found it and had it deleted middle school stuff.
How did you get into rapping?
My parents. They are musicians so I been around it ever since I was a lil trap mom. It’s in my bloodline.
What was it like growing up in Staten Island?
It’s different because it’s just such a small community and everybody knows everybody. Very different from the city. It’s cool tho because the support will always be there.
Who did you grow up listening to?
Chris Brown
J cole, I was really into cole
Nicki also
Young thug
I love how “Message” taps into the shade of the social media world in such a fucking real, gangster way. “Tags” is also shade but more a glamour inspired. Who are some of your muses? I have a feeling Rihanna will be one.
Definitely, Rihanna, she has that I don’t care vibe that I’ve had all my life.
Who are some artists that you think you would vibe with for future features and collabs?
Young Thug
Ty Dolla sign
I also love how your music is very empowering for the listener and also for YOU. Do you lean toward optimism?
I don’t have time to focus on negativity, I’m too busy for that ya know. Like who the fuck would wanna be sad all day? Lol
Do you have a mantra for “haters”?
Suck my dick.
Do you think there is a naturalness for kids who grew up with the internet to use it to their advantage?
In this generation for the most part but there’s a lot of people who use it for the wrong thing. But it’s definitely another platform.
Can you tell us any secret trades of IG? We are trying to get our follows up!
Just be yourself. People are attracted to the realness.
Kayne West recently said that maybe Twitter should have a hide followers function so things weren’t so connected to the psyche. What do you think about that?
I don’t think having bunch of followers and likes is important.
Are you living your dream life?
No not yet but I’m living my best life.
What else are you working on?
I’m dropping my ep in October. More videos. More content for the fans and just more music.



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