Timbaland x Anna Margo Show Us the Way in New Single

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Four-time GRAMMY® Award-winner Timbaland has recently released a new single and accompanying music video titled “My Way” in collaboration with upcoming new talent  Anna Margo. The song is now available through his own Mosley Music Group and Def Jam Recordings. This latest release showcases Timbaland‘s unparalleled talent and musical expertise and is sure to delight fans and listeners alike.

Timbaland is an extraordinary American record producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter who basically needs no introduction. His artistic prowess has left an indelible mark on the realms of hip-hop, pop music, and R&B and has been the mastermind behind way too many major hits and albums to count, becoming an indelible watermark in the modern music industry for the past three decades. The man is more than just a living legend, he is an institution, and when he sets his ears on someone, you can guarantee that they’re very, very special.


Enter Anna Margo, who many of you might remember from an interview we did with her last year in which we learned a fair bit about what makes her tick as an artist and a person. Back then it was easy to tell how special Anna was: Classically-trained pianist, astounding vocal range, writes her songs, composes and even produces, she’s got a lot of every little thing you’d need and want in order to make it in the very demanding world of modern music.

As Anna was putting the finishing touches on her much-anticipated EP project, a friend suggested she tune into one of her musical heroes, Timbaland, as he went live on TikTok. Eager to learn from the best, Anna jumped at the opportunity and found herself in line to play some of her music for Timbaland, who was fresh off an amazing -and nostalgic- collab with Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake.

“At first, I didn’t even realize I was live and I heard ‘Hello?’…I froze. I said ‘Wait… you can actually hear me?.’ I played him my song “Place” and his face instantly changed after the first phrase. Seeing him react like that to something I wrote and produced, was one of the most rewarding moments in my life. He asked for more music and things just kept snowballing from there”. – Anna Margo

A trip to Miami later and it was the two of them working together on polishing and tweaking some of Anna’s work, which later transitioned into working on a fiery new single that would eventually blossom into “My Way,” which serves as the second single from Timbaland‘s highly anticipated album project. 

“My Way” is in many ways a classical offering by Timbaland, where the bass-heavy beat is king and the melodic pop injection queen, and both rule harmoniously and imposing over the dance floor with an unsurpassable funk-a-licious groove that drips like honey.

The music video for “My Way” is a testament to Anna Margo’s star power right next to Timbaland, who takes on the role of DJ at a lively house party. Featuring impressive choreography and stylish 90s throwback fashion that is just *chef kisses* right. 

Now, watch it blow up into a massive hit!



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