Throne of Mine: A Dark and Haunting Debut EP From Michèle Ducray

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The highly anticipated debut EP, “Throne of Mine,” by New Zealand-based singer-songwriter Michèle Ducray, has finally graced our ears, and it’s nothing short of a sonic revelation, in which she introduces us to a world of haunting melodies, raw emotions, darkly poetic lyrics, and an evocative voice that lingers in the depths of your soul.

On the meaning of the EP Michèle confides, “The EP showcases some pivotal times of my life. Using both dark and light pop vibes, I reminisce about my childhood, bullying, and failed relationships, and even sing about the world ending! It’s a deeply personal record and some parts were tough to record, but we got there in the end!”


The EP opens with “Monster,” a track that immediately sets the tone for the journey ahead. Ducray’s vocals are ethereal yet grounded in a hauntingly dark reality. The song develops in the midst of fantasy, circus, and almost cartoonish sounds. At the moment it reminded me of Jack Skellington in the 1993 film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, due to the selection of sounds and the atmosphere of mystery in which the song places you.

“Psycho” follows suit, showcasing Ducray’s ability to craft emotionally charged songs with an edge. The track’s brooding atmosphere and commanding vocals draw you in, creating an immersive experience that lingers long after the song ends. The juxtaposition of vulnerability and strength in her delivery is captivating.

“Ace of Spades” provides a change of pace with its rhythm and catchy hooks. Ducray demonstrates her versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending pop sensibilities with her signature dark undertones, while the EP’s title track, “Throne of Mine,” serves as the centerpiece of this dark pop journey.

The haunting piano and string arrangements create an eerie backdrop for her hauntingly beautiful vocals. The chorus, with its haunting music and lyrics, repetition, and music effects, feels like a chant that transports you to a mystical realm.

As a debut EP, “Throne of Mine” is an impressive introduction to an artist who is undoubtedly destined for greater recognition in the dark pop genre. While the EP’s brevity leaves us craving more, it also leaves room for anticipation of what Michèle Ducray will bring to the music world in the future.

Her musical style is characterized by the fusion of captivating vocals, solid percussion, powerful bass lines, and transparent pop melodies, resulting in a listening experience that is melancholic yet energetically optimistic, with seductive tones. 

Working with Michèle was celebrated producer Liam Quinn (Peaches PRC, Rita Ora), who produced, mixed, and mastered it at his studio in Sydney, Australia. She has received acclaim with playlist ads on Spotify’s New Music Friday AU & NZ and Apple Music’s New in Pop. 

“Throne of Mine” is a solid debut from a promising artist. With its dark, haunting allure and Ducray’s undeniable talent, it’s an EP that deserves a place in the collection of any dark pop aficionado. 





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