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Sam Fischer is a force to be reckoned with, as his original ideas and emotive tracks reach millions from city to city.

Born and raised in Australia, this pop rock singer, songwriter, and musician has lived and breathed music. Songwriting since age twelve, Fischer has fostered his talent from the beginning, eventually writing hits for revered artists such as Ciara, Elle King, Sabrina Claudio, Keith Urban, Jessie J, and many others. Not to mention that he has toured with Lewis Capaldi and has established a prevalent career of his own.

While his debut EP, Not a Hobby, garnered much success, his well-known song “This City” has placed him in the spotlight. While the singer-songwriter wrote this track to elucidate his struggles upon moving to Los Angeles to pursue music, the song now takes a new meaning, as it serves as a symbol of his success and hard work.

As this track has become an anthem for hope and following one’s dreams, Fischer has created a project entitled “These Cities,” where he is gathering artists from cities all over the world to remix and duet his song. As each new remix is released, his mission of instilling hope and building unity around our world is achieved.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sam about this project and the change he wishes to see in this world.

How’s everything going? Are you surviving quarantine?
Yeah! It was a rocky start, for sure, I was in the middle of my worldwide radio tour when everything shut down. You know, you work so hard to get to the point where you can do all this stuff. Being able to do all that was the dream so having that cut short…but it’s okay. We’ve adapted, doing the best we can! My wife and I are holding up.

Well I’m really looking forward to what you put out next, but I think it’s so cool that you’ve done all the remixes of ‘This City!’ Right now, does that song take on any new meaning for you from when you first wrote it?
Definitely. I think when I first wrote it it was from such a negative perspective. I wasn’t hopeful, just broken in a way. My fans have made me realize that it’s about struggling but there’s a message of hope and perseverance through it. Not giving up on yourself, even when your back’s against the wall. It was always a special song to me because it was so personal and very much my experience in LA. And it has sort of been redefined for me, especially now. The song sort of feels like a safe space for people to go and feel all the feelings about this time.

And what made you want to start the remixes project?
You know originally it was a pipe dream. Jimmy Robins – the producer and co-writer of this city – is such a great country writer so we thought it would be really cool to have a country version of ‘This City’. Then I thought, what if we did a project called ‘These Cities’ and took artists from cities around the world, and cities that mean something to me. And on top of that, give the artist the option of writing their own verse so fans can find themselves in that version as well. It’s been so cool that it’s all come together. The artists that have jumped on I’m massive fans of, so it’s incredible to have them all come together. It’s been a dream, it’s a bit nuts.

Anne Marie from London and Nashville; there’s one that I can’t tell you but its fucking amazing; Nico’s from Berlin, and Nea from Stockholm! All over the shop.

Amazing. And they’re all cities you personally connect with?

Yeah! Sweden in general…Swedish fans were my first fans, playlist, everything. My little brother lives in Germany so that’s where Berlin came in. I’m signed out of London and I went on my gap year; and Nashville has been like my second home in the US and that’s where my manager is. You know, whether These Cities’ is a done and dusted project after the 5th one comes out – we’ll see! Maybe five years from now I’ll just grab another person and keep adding on!

I think it’s such a great project, showing how important globalization has been in the fact that we can connect with each other. Especially now. Right now in this strange, unprecedented time, what’s bringing you inspiration?
The social movement is absolutely what’s bringing thoughts to mind. It’s so inspirational what people are doing and what people are sacrificing. The voices that are being heard, it’s hard to write about because my perspective as an artist, as a white person, a person from a place of privilege is not necessarily the perspective that is important right now. I’m massively vocal online about Black Lives Matter.

As far as my music, writing about it hasn’t been super productive for me. I’ve been writing about my own experience. For me, I write from a perspective that is going and looking back at things. About how I felt, rather than when I’m in the moment. Because once the moment’s passed and you can evaluate how you’re feeling, that’s the accurate emotion. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do do that – This City was absolutely in the moment, very much from my soul. But there’s so much time to think and reflect I find myself writing about moments from my childhood that changed me.

Words are important right now…I think it’s amazing that the pass the mic trend has been going on and big artists are giving over their platform to activists. Those voices need to be heard. I’m a big advocate for change so, we’ll see.

What is one thing that you’ve learned from this new world order? From the quarantine, protests, whatever it is?
From quarantine, I’m very good at saying I’m going to learn a new hobby, get fit…and then finding myself on the couch watching TV. I learned that I have a real issue with patience haha. But I’ve also learned to be kinder to myself. When I don’t feel like working that’s okay. These times are strange and we’re all going through it.

What do you hope listeners take away from your upcoming project? I’m curious how it will be different from any previous work?
Jumping off the back of This City, it’s being vulnerable and being open. When someone listens to my music I always want them to feel understood. Giving a voice to a feeling that people might have, but they don’t know how to talk about it just yet. That’s why I think music is so powerful. But I also want them to get a greater understanding of who I am and what I’ve gone through. When I wrote This City, I didn’t think anyone would care about some sad kid in LA. But seeing how people react that that vulnerability and that honesty has been really cool. I think it’s just continuing that.

I love it. Ok quick fire round. What are three things you need to have in the studio?
Coffee…food and my laptop.

Who are three artists that you couldn’t imagine the world without?
Ooo…H.E.R., Ed Sheeran, and Sasha Sloan.

What are three things music has given you?
A voice. A work ethic. And comfort.

Complete this sentence. What the world needs now is…?



photos / Tusk Creative

story / Taylor Thompson

interview / Ariana Tibi

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