The Spiritual Side of Motherhood With Elliphant

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Elliphant, known for her rebellious spirit, has forged a highly successful music career in a unique manner. Since her debut in 2012, she fearlessly collaborated with industry leaders and captivated audiences worldwide with her vibrant performances. 

Elliphant’s latest album “TROLL” is her rebellion against the ego of consumerist society and a declaration of her love for nature. Created amidst the chaos of caring for her daughter, the album is deeply personal, aiming to provide inner strength in life’s challenging moments. She seeks to rekindle the primal force within society and hopes the record will serve as a symbol of resilience, transcending urban barriers and embodying the journey of evolution. 

Your upcoming album “TROLL” is set to be released on January 26th. Tell us a bit about where the name of the album comes from.


Troubled, Royal, Old, Loyal, Lover! Haha! So.. If a human makes a baby with a mountain, you get a troll! It’s about the mystic nature we all get a calling from within! It’s about facing and caressing your demons.


‘TROLL’ revolves around the idea of ‘primal motherhood’. What does that look like from where you’re standing right now? Aside from what your music transmits in this regard, how would you describe the experience for those unable to relate on a personal level?


Wow! That’s deep… did I say that? Lol… I think it’s more about the longing to be tribal in general… There is so much fiction in our lives but to become a mother is very real, so it has inspired me. It’s a reminder that there was a time when we didn’t have to wonder about our purpose because we were spiritual beings, one with nature. Humans are so ‘put-together’ these days! We see emotions as weakness, I want to encourage people to challenge their surroundings with pride in their vulnerability, to let go of control sometimes, and to be more curious about our more primal dimensions. It’s a reminder that the only truth is mystery.


Speaking of motherhood. How big of a change in perspective has it been for you on a deeply personal level? Do you feel like a whole different person?


I feel like I am changing for sure, growing out of my shell… My ego is definitely slowly going extinct, I am humbled and I have a new perspective on most things in life. But at the same time, I am also discovering that no matter how much time passes in life, and even if I am a mother now, I am still carrying around my own inner child. You just can’t run away or hide from yourself, not even in motherhood…


And what about as an artist? Do you think there’s a clear pre-motherhood and post-motherhood Elliphant to reckon with?


The biggest change is probably that I don’t cry about wanting a baby all the time these days! At the time Elliphant emerged in my life I had a bad breakup and had an abortion that I can see now was shadowing my ‘Elliphant experience’ a lot… even if I stumbled over this amazing “one in a million” opportunity to move to Hollywood and make music with the biggest producers and artists in the world, I still carried with the pain of feeling the pressure to sacrifice because I never dreamed of being a pop star. My dream was always to be a mother and have my own family but life took a turn and it was hard to really take everything in and be in the moment. I was chasing my dream of a child, it was a huge deal to me. Not only to have a kid but to have the trust of another person to share such a precious thing as a baby. I felt that I wasn’t worthy and that made me very hard on myself.


Is there a song you’re particularly proud of in this release?


I am very proud of all of them! But I might have a little extra love for ‘Trench’… maybe…


How does the raw primal edge of ‘TROLL’ coexist with its unequivocally vanguardist disposition? It sounds both primitive and futuristic somehow! Was all of that intentional?


Check!!! Retro-Futuristic shit! I love the 90s and music from that era will always be in my system, but I also want to break new ground, so yeah! That’s intentional.


How does ‘TROLL’ rebel against societal pressures and embrace a passionate love declaration for nature?


My hope is that ‘TROLL’ is the first album on a ‘Trollology’! So I can get a bit more space to figure out what I want to say with all this! Haha! But I do use many metaphors from Nordic mythology. It’s interesting that in those days these stories were real. This was their answer to what we today call ‘mental illness’ for example… It’s a reminder that we still don’t have the answers and still think we do. We as humans are obsessed with control so we’re still creating answers to things. It’s scary for us to face that we don’t have control. That nature is in control, and we exist at the mercy of Pachamama. Troll is more the feeling than the words at this point though. Ever since “Techno Scene” –my first song– I have always wanted to inspire people to let go of their perception of themselves and explore their dark and ugly side… to embrace it. Forgive themselves. Accept that there is no such thing as perfect.


As you mark your 10th anniversary with this album, what message do you hope to convey to your audience through the powerful, magical essence of ‘TROLL’?


It feels like a troll is biting its own tail and I am coming back to where it all started. I want my fans to recognize the early Elliphant in this new music. But at the same time feel a fresh breeze.


Will you be able to take this album on tour soon?


Omg! I fucking hope so!!! All I want is to go out there and bring it!!! I need to go out on tour again. It feels like the most important thing right now. To get support for me to tour.




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