The Regrettes on the importance of girl power to putting on a kickass live performance.

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story /Augusta Gail

photos / Kristy Benjamin

When my friend invited me to see The Regrettes, she prefaced it by telling me, “You’ll love them. Trust me.” And she was right – I loved everything about them.  Their wild energy, their message of self-love, their youthful brazenness. I spent the entire show dancing my butt off, marveling at how talented these four teenagers are, and listening gleefully to the no-holds-barred, patriarchy smashing lyrics. I got to ask the four of them – Kydia, Sage, Maxx, and Genessa a few questions, and we discussed everything from the importance of girl power to putting on a kickass live performance. 

How was the band born?

Sage – We all met at School of Rock many many years ago and reconnected at a show we were all playing at but in different bands. Then it went from there. Lyd called us up when her previous band fell apart and we started rehearsing instantly. 

You guys put on such a great live show – what’s the best part of performing live?

Sage – Thank you! I think connecting with the crowd and focusing on the energy you’re giving and receiving is the most fun and most important part of having a good time at a show. Go into it with a good mindset and enjoy the experience you get.

What does your song writing process entail?

Lydia – It honestly depends on the situation. A lot of writers have one specific preferred process, however mine is constantly changing. Sometimes it’ll start with me just fiddling around on guitar and other times I’ll come up with a melody in the shower. It’s never the same.

Who are some of your musical icons?

Lydia – Buddy Holly, The Ronettes, Karen O

Sage – Queen, Prince, Rush

Maxx – Archie Marshall, Phil Collins, The Walkmen

There’s a lot of girl power your songs – what are your thoughts on feminism and female empowerment? 

Lydia – I think feminism and self-love should be important to everyone, not just females. Feminism for me lets me feel powerful and strong in times when I’m not feeling too good. It means something different for everyone.

How do you balance your musical careers with being teenagers?

Lydia – I’m not gonna lie, it can get really stressful at times, but in the end it’s all worth it. I’m a super social person so it’s very important to me to spend as much time with friends and family as possible when we aren’t touring. School isn’t too hard because I switched to a homeschool program, making everything much more flexible.

What’s your favorite place to go in LA?

Lydia – I really love Moonlight Rollerway. I’m not very good at roller-skating, but it’s just so fun. Also if you ever need/want to go shopping, Magnolia Blvd in Burbank is the BEST. 

Sage – Gosh there’s so many. Trejos Cantina is a favorite food stop of mine. Is my house an acceptable answer? Hah

Maxx – Hollywood, Melrose and Malibu to name a few.

Genessa – LA’s hidden gem/my favorite restaurant is Follow Your Heart Cafe. If you end up in the valley, go there and get a nut burger and soup. 

What’s up next for the band?

Lydia – Lots of touring and honestly besides that, who fucking knows!

Sage – We are headed to SXSW in March and then we are touring all over the US and even to Canada for a bit! We really want to tour all over Europe and Brazil, and say hi to everyone and explore this earth. 

Maxx – Lots of shows, touring, and fine dining.



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