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Alternative rock is alive and well and in great hands if those hands belong to The Moss, a band that styles itself as an “exuberant modern-indie-meets-’60s-blues four-piece” who bring a lot of intensity and good vibes to their live shows. The band has recently been added to Spotify’s playlist “Today’s Indie Rock”, rightfully placing them among the stewards of the genre, in my opinion..

“There’s something special that happens when you get an immediate reaction to a song, Whether it’s during a live show or even just a songwriting session, if there’s a reaction from people in the room, you know you’re on the right track.” -Tyke James.

Currently based in Utah, The Moss was formed in Oahu, Hawaii in 2015 by then-teenage surfers Tyke James (vocals/guitar) and Addison Sharp (guitar) who cut their teeth playing for audiences munching among the food stands. In 2018 they moved to Salt Lake City after being joined by Willie Fowler on drums and Addison’s brother Brierton on Bass guitar duties, always carrying a bit of the Tropical Bohemian lifestyle in their sound, particularly in the expansive reverbs of the guitars.

The Moss’ latest is a sparkly new song that leans back on some of the surf/reggae roots that no doubt influenced the band in its early days, it’s called “Insomnia” and it’s a doozy of an unrequited love story of a heart that can’t find no respite from the intensity of longing. The song features one of the best Leitmotif riffs I’ve heard all year -a rather maritime reverb wail calling out for love and hanging on to hope with every bit of strength it can muster.

The Band prepared a really awesome music video alongside artist and Animator Duncan Hatch featuring that same literal heart stuck in his little alcove, sending his plight across the night sky of his longing.


2019 marked the debut in earnest of the band with the aptly titled “Bryology.” a pretty solid 11-song-strong outing that set an incredibly well-defined blueprint to build upon. Fans didn’t have to wait too long for their sophomore release, “Kentucky Derby”, a rather conceptual piece soaked to the bones in a Briney solution of Equestrian Americana that I absolutely cannot recommend hard enough now that I’ve heard it. Seriously, if you liked “Insomnia”, go check it out as well.

The band is currently on tour, they’ve already presented themselves in Denver, Colorado, and Seattle, but you may still catch them:

July 30th – Sandpoint ID w/ Mt. Joy(opening for mt joy)

Sept 10th – Hurricane UT – Superbloom fest

Oct 29 – Salt Lake City, UT


PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of the Artist Story: Samuel Aponte





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