The Healing Power of Music: Donna Lewis’ “The Messenger” and Breast Cancer Awareness

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The acclaimed Donna Lewis is back with her new single “The Messenger”, a song full of contemplation, wondering, and hope.

Originally from Wales, Donna Lewis is a singer and songwriter who has been active in the music industry since 1996. She has been responsible for widely famous hits like the song “I Love You Always Forever.” Her work is always characterized by her breathy voice and for raising all kinds of emotions in her listeners, but her latest production feels even more touching and intimate than any before.

“Rooms With A View” is Donna Lewis’ emotional journey through and against breast cancer, and “The Messenger” is the perfect introduction to prepare us for it. The song is a candid and vulnerable conversation with an unwelcome visitor who surprisingly becomes a messenger of transformation. While the lyrics are a clear reference to her cancer diagnosis, they also resonate with those struggling with self-doubt and searching for meaning.



The sound is vibrant and hypnotic, with Donna’s poignant voice leading us through a serene world of haunting vocals and breathtaking echoes. Holmes Ives’ contribution to the production created an absorbing trip-hop and atmospheric beats that add to the intriguing experience.

For Donna, working on this song and album has been an opportunity to offer hope to anyone going through a dark tunnel. She explains, “It is an offering of hope for anyone going through a dark tunnel. I am forever grateful to share it with you.” She has also become an ambassador for the impactful breast cancer organization, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, using her platform to continue offering help.

Now that Donna has said goodbye to her messenger, she is ready to embrace life and music like never before, with strength, gratitude, and fearlessness. The single is available to stream now.




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