Tears and Truths on Liv Miraldi’s Haunting New Single “Friend of the Family”

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Liv Miraldi‘s new single, “Friend of the Family” is a stirring addition to her repertoire, following the success of her previous releases and her established songwriting prowess. Originally from Ohio but now making waves in Los Angeles, Miraldi has already made her mark with viral hits like “Wingwoman” and “Same People” as well as her collaborative work with industry heavyweights like Tinashe, Mod Sun, and more.

With “Friend of the Family” Miraldi delves into deeply emotional territory and crafts an open letter from the perspective of a daughter who knows about the infidelity of one of her parents. On its own, the song raises the depth and complexity of the narrative, developing a deeply human lyrical journey. Miraldi‘s words about the song highlight the personal meaning it has for her, noting that it is a topic she was initially hesitant to address but ultimately felt compelled to explore. 


She confides, “‘Friend of the Family’ was something I was afraid to talk about, so I knew I had to write it. I gave myself the space to feel the full range of my emotions. The song details the complexity of infidelity through the daughter’s point of view.”

The authenticity and vulnerability of her songwriting suggest that “Friend of the Family” is not only a compelling piece of music but also a cathartic release for both the artist and listeners who can relate to the story.

With its combination of heartfelt storytelling and melancholic melodies, this single is captivating audiences and further solidifies Miraldi‘s place as a rising star on the independent music scene. 




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