Tatiana Lima Is Here to Turn Your World Upside Down

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Tatiana Lima Is Here to Turn Your World Upside Down

I love it when artists fuse several genres musically and visually, things like metal and pop with a touch of glam. That’s the vibe I get when listening to Tatiana Lima‘s new single and video, Hollywood. Radically combining styles, she’s breaking new ground and creating something truly special. Lady Gaga, Judas Priest, and Guns and Roses serve as strong inspirations to New Jersey-based Brazilian/American pop singer Tatiana Lima. Throughout her childhood, Tatiana wrote, released, and performed original songs. Having gained social media attention with her song “Witch Bitch” in 2020, she began her pop artist project. In addition to producing, writing, and performing all of her music, Tatiana has a background in theater arts that greatly influences both her writing and performance style. In her words, Tatiana brings “drama” to pop music. She has collaborated with Billy Porter, Judy Collins, Naomi Watts, Nicolina, Betty Who, Lexi Peters from LGBTQ Tiktok, Brazilian artists Fagner and Claudia Leitte, and T.S. Monk (the son of Thelonious Monk). The message behind her songs has deep roots in topics like fame, objectification, and celebrity culture.

I am going to start talking about the video because it is something alright! Initially, I thought Tatiana was just another typical pop singer, but I was proved wrong. I just love the visuals presented here. Tatiana is not afraid to use eroticism to get her point across. She’s not messing around. If Judas Priest and Lady Gaga had a child I think Tatiana’s music would be the result. The thick leather, the bright red lights, everything seeps in raw sensual energy. The choreography is a total hit for me. The way she moves in sync with the music is beautiful and mesmerizing. Now, the sound department is not far behind, not at all! Tatiana’s deep voice perfectly matches the mood of the tune, with rocking guitars and a rhythm we usually find in pop songs. The whole affair was incredible. Tatiana has shared with us a little bit more about how the song came to be: “Hollywood was created during a time I was doubting myself and my artistry due to the toxic energies I allowed environment. Whenever I am in a dark place, I say “I’m gonna make it” over and over again which became the hook of ‘Hollywood’. I am a big believer in words of affirmation and the law of attraction if you can speak it and believe it-it’s yours with hard work and persistence.” 

For this song’s lyrics, she was heavily influenced by iconic musicians who had fallen from grace due to events out of their control, such as Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley. Directed by Carl Timpone, the music video tells the story of the song. This music video concept explores the idea of transformation as an emerging artist becomes more famous and draws more attention to herself. A prominent theme of the video is the objectification of women and the pressure of being an influencer. The video explores how Tatiana deals with fame and how it affects her personally. It also shows the importance of staying true to oneself and not succumbing to fame pressures. Ultimately, it encourages everyone to stay true to their own values and paths.

I’m gonna be honest “Hollywood” is the first song by Tatiana I’ve listened to and it blew my mind. I’m looking forward to definitely checking out the rest of her work and keeping a close eye on what comes next. I’m sure she has more great music to come and I’m excited to see what she has in store. Tatiana is a talented artist and I’m sure she will deliver something even more impressive in her next work. I’m looking forward to hearing more from her!




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