Steve Angello

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 Steve Angello, like Spotify, Acne and Ikea is one of those Swedish exports that has put his country on the map. He is a renowned musician, producer and DJ amongst the hippest music set and secured his place in history by being one of the founding members of the iconic  Swedish House Mafia. Since then he has gone on to open Size Records, a label powerhouse, representing some of the biggest acts in the world, Tiësto, Afrojack, Kim Fai, Veerus, and Avicii are just a few on the roster. Angello‘s solo debut, Wild Youth, will be released on January 22nd, however he put out Chapter 1, consisting of half the album’s tracks as a vision of that to expect.  If it’s anything like the amped up nostalgic track “Remember,” featuring popular EDM duo the Presets, or the somber yet danceable “Children Of The Wild” ft. Mako then this will certainly be one of the albums of the year.

Any plans for all of the Size artist to collaborate on a record together?
We’ve done Collaborations, but they’ve just never seen the light. We have some really cool artist signings for next year so it could get really interesting! We’ll see what happens in the future!
How did you find out you were nominated for a Grammy? What did you do after? 
You get an email or a text, not super glamorous. First thought is usually, ”Do I really have to go?” but then obviously it’s a fun event (if you win).
‘Remember’ is a beautiful song and video. What was it like working with Lance Drake on the video?
I’ve worked with Lance before. He’s amazing to work with! We did ”Wasted Love” together with Dougy from The Temper Trap. We clicked on the first video so it was really easy to go back to him with an idea and work together on it!
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When will the sequel video to ‘Remember’ be out?
Everyone asks me about it. It’s already written in the lyrics of other song. But sometimes it’s better to leave a sequel out.
Do you miss Stockholm? What is your favorite thing about that city?
I really miss it. I’m going there more often than ever now. I love and miss the darkness- I love the melancholy.
What are your upcoming plans for Size Records?
Some incredible signings for 2016 and change of depth. The deeps getting deeper!
What was the wildest story you remember from your youth?
Being a kid we did all kind of bad stuff. Riots are probably the craziest stuff we did.
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photos / Angelo Kritikos
story / Koko Ntuen

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