Stela Cole Is Making a Heartbreaking Comeback This Year With Her Debut Track “Die Hard”

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Cinematic is not a word that is used often to describe music, however, it’s a perfect fit for Los Angeles dark pop mistress Stela Cole‘s new seductive track “Die Hard.”  2024 marks the return for the prolific artist who used 2023 to address her mental health, exit her label deal, black out her profiles, delete the apps, and trade doom scrolling for her guitar, the studio, and her favorite records. The result is a musical comeback. 


Using her powerful voice and presence the beautiful singer is ready to break your heart. The song is emotionally charged to the point of no return. Stela’s voice is the star of the show. Seductive and commanding, her voice brings the lyrics to life. She enchants the audience with her performance, leaving them spellbound. Dealing with important subjects, Stela’s lyrics transmit a very crucial message. Using Stela’s own words “tumultuous relationships can feel like an endless cycle, especially when pain is disguised as passion.” Her music speaks to us all, reminding us that it’s time to break free of the pain, and encouraging us to take action and gain control of our destiny. It is an unforgettable masterpiece.

We also got a music video to accompany this great song. Stela teams up with award-winning directors Eliot Lee, Maya Sassoon, and co-star Noah Gonzalez for the first spine-chilling moment of the vignettes that are beautifully shot, surreal, and tragic. Stela gives it all in an amazing performance, leaving her heart and soul in the scene. The video is a remarkable reflection of Stela’s talent, dazzling with its emotional intensity and alluring visuals.  

“This is something I struggled with for a long time. I’d let myself fall for someone I knew wasn’t good for me, and even in moments of courage, I’d pack my bags and somehow end up right back where I started. Sometimes, habits take an entire lifetime to break. Die Hard is about my experience of consistently choosing the wrong path with the wrong people… even when I know where it ends.” – Stela Cole

It is easy to see Stela up there with other pop artists such as Halsey and Ava Max. Her voice alone is something you don’t get to hear every day. With “Die Hard” she delivers a flawless performance and shows a sense of confidence and style that set her apart from others.




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