SONG PREMIERE: Silverbird / "Honey You're”

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“I wanna be part of the truth, of the truth, of the truth.. I wanna believe in you and you and you…” so says the emphatic voice of frontman/songwriter Tim Barr of Silverbird. The band formed when Tim whose past musical endeavors included a stint performing with Lizzy Grant before she became Lana Del Ray as well as playing and studying with Dizzy Gillespie’s longtime pianist Mike Longo, caught the interest of producer Kristopher Harris. Harris then began working with Barr’s on his first demos. Shortly thereafter the debut album Surface Life was produced and will be ready to be released to the word. Silverbird is also bassist Corey Davis, guitarist Dan Whaley, and drummer Jacob Schaub.

“Honey You’re” is a beat heavy rhythmic delight with beautiful words to accompany. Tim’s songwriting skills are sure to amp up your day with almost gospel like energy. It’s a song about you and everyone you know. It’s especially a song that people in the industry will understand and might even shed a tear to.
Silverbird’s Surface Life will be released on May 27th.






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