SONG OF THE WEEK: Jerry James [Prod. by Raw Deal and Jerry James] / "Lana Del Rey"

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The most romantic gesture for Valentines Day goes to Jerry James for his ode to getting into the pants of Lana Del Rey. Accompanied by the video directed by one of our favorites Ericka Clevenger and Ian Asbjornsen, the whole song will take you on a tripped out 90s-esque adventure the makes you yearn for low tops, blunts, hot biotches, malt liquor and the days of MTV but on acid. Not to mention the plethora of pseudo Lana Del Rey’s that will make you yearn for the real thing. I mean if this doesn’t have her on Jerry’s arm by the end of next week, ( Lana, he will have you screaming ‘Daddy please!’), then we don’t know how guys get girls anymore. And per usual Lana gets all the valentines. Le sigh.
Produced by Raw Deal and Jerry James
Mixed by Dave Schiffman
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Directed by Ericka Clevenger and Ian Asbjornsen

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