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I  have to admit I never was a die hard Beck fan. I mean I knew he was good and made good songs that were iconic of our generation, “Loser”, “Devil’s Haircut”, “Where It’s At”, etc, but I never sought out a Beck show or album. However, with his release of Morning Phase I am left feeling I have been missing out for all these years. His album Sea Change kinda had me interested but  Morning Phase seals the deal. Its a heartfelt, back to the roots type album that makes me relish the days of waiting in line to pick up a new vinyl and clutching the cover close to your heart while squealing over the record player with girlfriends, ok I ever did that but I want to now.
Morning Phase is a mature album full of lush, orchestral, airy, cinematic harmony. There are nods to Neil Young, Graham Nash and that whole bunch but Beck does it in a way that is his own and fits naturally into a genre. It’s an album that you can close your eyes listen to and feel safe. It takes over your body, mind and soul in a consistent manner that you can easily  enjoy for the whole 47 minute length of the album.
“Blue Moon” is a favorite on the album that captures you with its deep sounding instruments, sad but uplifting message and chords that swell and progress throughout the whole song. Over it all we hear the sad crooning of Beck singing, “Don’t leave me on my own / Don’t leave me on my own,” over and over and telling us he’s so tired of being alone.We are so tired of being alone too and that’s why “Blue Moon” is the song of the week.

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