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British newcomer SOMOH is the new champion of midtempo melodic rock, a bit reminiscent of Sheryl Crow and The Bangles. Her latest single “My Body Is A Friend” takes her in a slightly different direction with its wistful melody and vocal reminiscent of ’60s Marianne Faithfull.

The production on SOMOH’s releases so far is simple and uncluttered, letting the listener sink into her beautiful, heartfelt melodies and singing. From the feathery vocal on her first single “I’ve Been Saying This” to her captivating rhythm guitar work on the follow-up “Anything”, SOMOH is building excitement for her upcoming debut EP with the intriguing title A Plan To Get Home.

The new EP is being produced by Joel Johnston and will be released on his own label on March 27. Put SOMOH on your short list of artists to watch in 2023.


Do you prefer to co-write songs or write solo?


I’ve tried to do a lot of co-writing in the past. However, nothing ever hits the same as writing in the comfort of my bed at home. Writing is so personal to me and sometimes I just need to cry and vent to get the words out. I don’t know if another writer would appreciate me sobbing on their time!

Can you tell us some more about your Italian heritage?


I was born in the UK, but my mum was born and bred in Naples. She moved here to London in her 20’s, so I’ve been brought up around Italian culture and traditions all my life. She encouraged me to get into classical and operatic music at a young age, which is where my love for music and especially singing began.


Who are some of your favorite musical artists on the scene today?

My favorite artists at the moment are Indigo De Souza, Alex G, Willow Kayne, Leith Ross, Adrienne Lenker, and Lomelda.


How did you meet producer Joel Johnston?

I was a big fan of Joel’s music under the name “Far Caspian” and in the first lockdown, I posted a cover of one of his songs on Instagram. He saw it and we began chatting about working on music! He helped me produce my first single ‘I’ve Been Saying This’ and straight away we clicked. I’m now signed with his label Tiny Library under Dance To The Radio, which has been a dream! We’ve been working together on my debut EP A Plan to Get Home, which will come out in March 2023. He’s amazing at what he does and it’s so fun to make music with someone who I really look up to.


Story: Larry McClain  //  Photos: Jack Alexander


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