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There’s nothing better than a girl-power anthem accompanied by visuals of sparkles and flying tampons. Thanks to the dynamic pop-rock duo, Sawyer, we get all of that and more wrapped in one badass bow. Sawyer’s single, “Emotional Girls,” speaks to the unspoken societal fear that women have of being dismissed for seeming “crazy” in relationships. The video is a stylistic slap-in-the-face to those who have incriminated the emotions of women, and the slumber party vibes portrayed are a sentiment to the importance of being vulnerable and honest with your best friends by your side. 


Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey put their talents together during their sophomore year of college to create Sawyer, and the best friend-rock duo are not stopping anytime soon. The band is symbolic of the potency of girl-power and of the inspiration that raw emotions omit. “(The Video is) a really empowering image of friendship. Altogether, we hope that it’s a fun way to pull people into thoughtfulness,” Emma announced as explanation to the creativity that stemmed from said craziness. “The verses portray reality and the choruses portray reality as the boyfriend sees it. At the chorus, what was before a look alike of Kel’s real bedroom, turns into a pink, fluffy explosion. This room becomes the backdrop for a montage of eight girls acting out a characterized version of what “having emotions” looks like—  throwing tampons in the air, pulling sprinkles out of a pink purse, or screaming into a telephone. By becoming what being ‘emotional’ looks like to the boyfriend, the absurdity is revealed.”


“Emotional Girls” is premiering right here, and the feeling of pride in being passionately sensitive sticks with all of us watching each scene. Emotional health must be emphasized across all identities, and Sawyer’s single/video is turning the steps toward progress into graceful, giant leaps.

photos / Daniel Chaney


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