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Starting off with a real Rock & Roll Vibe, SAUNDIA’s “Not The Same” eventually does flourish into a more soulful and emotional piece through the dramatic flavor of her performance, this is something that makes perfect sense once you realize that she has a strong background in Musical Theatre. 

Entirely written and produced by SAUNDIA herself, “Not The Same” is a very personal song about relationships and authenticity, but before we (and that includes you) dive into it, ask yourself the following question: “Is it worth being true to yourself if you’ll end up alone? Or is it worth changing something fundamental and lying to yourself for the sake of a relationship?

The crux of the issue is a painful and complicated one, and SAUNDIA wastes no time embodying the terrible emotional toll that such a dilemma takes on people. Spoiler Alert: Her ultimate choice was to always be true to herself, but even having to choose is painful in the first place, something that she manifests through the rising sense of anger that reaches its climax around the middle parts of the song, all of it elevated by the ever-present gospel-like backing choir that gives the song an even bigger “punch”. 

In many ways, SAUNDIA’S newest track is a textbook R&B/Soul track, and in others, it seems to represent the genre(s) to a degree that very few artists are able to, for as stunning and memorable as her vocal performance may be, it gains in context a greater quality that’s quite frankly almost spiritual. 

Back in the Year 2016, a serious vocal injury would lead SAUNDIA to lose her voice for an entire year. Now imagine how catastrophically terrible this must have been for someone who not only was greatly talented but who has also dedicated most of her life to the study, refinement, and performance of music and singing. Now I’m not a medical expert by any means, but I imagine that an injury resulting in such a long downtime could have really gone sideways and prevented her from ever even getting close to her previous self.

I think this situation undoubtedly makes this particular song feel much more impactful. She’s a very gifted and powerful vocalist and the fact that even after such a difficult time not only did she *not* give up but also came out the other side brandishing such an impressive voice still, is particularly amazing.



Story: LADYGUNN Photos: Courtesy of the artist



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