Rosalie James Is Ready to Share Her Deeply Emotional Story on Her Latest Single, “Girl I Was”

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British artist Rosalie James is shaking the very foundations of the music industry with her interesting mix of dream pop, Americana, folk, and indie rock. She’s now releasing a jaw-dropping new single/video titled “Girl I Was.” The song is our first taste of her upcoming album “Full of Chemicals,” in which Rosalie talks about her struggles in her day-to-day life, describing her experiences as neurodivergent, addiction, and mental health.

Rosalie James’ latest single “Girl I Was,” is a poignant exploration of her innermost reflections. Through this raw and emotional piece, she bares her soul as she grapples with the everyday challenges of existence – from navigating life as a neurodivergent individual to enduring toxic relationships, addiction, and mental health struggles. With brave vulnerability, James takes listeners on a cathartic journey through her own deeply personal experiences.

Throughout her life, Rosalie felt like she was different; often, she struggled to control her emotions and social interactions. These challenges began when she was just nine years old. Later in her life, she developed severe depression and anxiety, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and substance use issues. However, it wasn’t until January 2023 that Rosalie was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This diagnosis shed light on the difficulties she had faced and provided an explanation for her rough experiences in life.

Growing up, Rosalie had a strong passion for music, with an early introduction to piano and guitar. Her musical influences included The Beatles and The Bangles, whom she listened to on her bright yellow Sony Walkman. Her love for music extended to various genres, including the heartfelt drama of 80s synth-pop and new wave, which she now infuses into her style. Due to the emotional intensity of these styles, she often finds herself in tears while listening to music. As the years went by, Rosalie’s musical tastes evolved. She developed a deep appreciation for the lyrics of 90s dream pop and indie artists, finding inspiration in their creativity and prowess. This artistic inclination is evident in her songwriting, as her lyrics are often deeply honest and striking. 

Rosalie’s sound could be defined as traditional. She delivers a cohesive sound from start to finish. Easy to listen to, enjoy, and come back to again. The melancholic rhythm is a great companion to her haunting and ethereal voice. Transporting her listeners to a gloomy realm -one you will feel oddly comfortable in,- Rosalie tells a deeply personal story: a lover from the past who wronged her, something that many would identify with. As someone loses control of their own power, the song chronicles the self-growth necessary to rebuild it. 

Taking a closer look at the video, it is presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio, and like the melody, it feels like a blast from the past with Rosalie traveling through the countryside, running, and just exposing her heart to us. The video is a journey through Rosalie’s self-discovery as she processes her emotions and reclaims her power. It is a powerful reminder that we can always heal and grow from our past mistakes.

“There is so much I want to say, and the depths of terminal sadness and fleeting joy can only be properly expressed through music – any other form of communication is corrupted by confusion and doubt. Maybe feeling too much is actually feeling exactly the right amount when you’re trying to make something meaningful. Anyway, I can’t stop now.Rosalie James.

Girl I Was” is a great introduction to Rosalie’s upcoming album. If the other songs are as good as this one (which they will probably be), we are in for a treat. The album will feature contributions from Jorge Balbi (Sharon Van Etten), Lukas Frank (Storefront Church), Steve Jackson (Leo Sayer, Elkie Brooks), Garett Lang (Henry Wolfe, Lisa Loeb), Daniel Knowles (Sharon Van Etten), and Jason Abraham Roberts (Norah Jones, Ben Kweller). So stay tuned for it, as Rosalie’s upcoming album promises to be amazing.

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