Rock Violinist Emily V has a sobering new release

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Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying and eccentric rock ‘n’ roll violinist from Los Angeles, Emily V. With a style that’s often compared to legendary guitarists like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Warren Haynes, Emily is a true force to be reckoned with. Her solo performances are nothing short of captivating, as she loops her instruments and creates a rock n roll drama that unfolds before your very eyes and ears. Emily has also performed with The Kevin Sousa Band and has toured the USA, gracing the stages of various festivals, clubs, and private events. Having started playing the violin at age eleven, Emily received a scholarship in Violin Performance at Cal State Long Beach. Since then, she has played with many iconic musicians from different genres such as The Adicts, John Mayall, Lukas Nelson, and many more. Emily is truly “Not Your Typical Violinist”.

Known for her unique takes on heavy classics of all stripes, Emily V  has recently released a brand new cover for the amazing Tool song, “Sober”.

“Sober” is a song wrought with a heavy and haunting sound, emblematic of Tool’s unique fusion of alternative metal and grunge influences. The song’s rhythms are relentless, its guitar riffs driving and brooding in equal measure, creating an atmosphere that is both intense and foreboding. Though Emily’s cover is entirely instrumental, the original lyrics themselves are poetic and deeply personal, drawing on Tool’s Maynard Keenan’s own struggles with addiction to paint a vivid portrait of the destructive nature of substance abuse. Emily V chose to represent the core message of the song through her performance in the music video alongside her powerful new arrangement. 

The sensuality of her passionate playing is a perfect contrast to the shots of a duct-taped victim fighting for her freedom against the pull of addiction, creating a powerful yin and yang effect that’s both moving and thought-provoking.

Despite being released nearly three decades ago, “Sober” remains a beloved and iconic song that continues to resonate with listeners today. Its raw emotional power and timeless message make it a true classic of the alternative metal genre, one that will undoubtedly endure for years to come, and this is both the why and the how behind this amazing violin-centered cover by Emily V.




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