Rising Star Jay Kent Releases “Texting” Ahead of North America Tour With Gsoul

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Hailing from Angeles, Philippines, Jay Kent has distinguished herself through her bold, experimental approach to music, combining the fertile grounds of R&B and pop alike in bold new ways.

The 22-year-old artist is kicking off 2024 with the release of a new, steamy single that explores the complexities of a sapphic situationship troubled by breakdowns in communication. This latest track, titled “Texting”, marks Jay’s first musical offering of the year.


“Texting” depicts the tumultuous, cyclical nature of a passionate yet volatile romantic relationship, plagued by constant bickering and miscommunication. The central theme explores Jay Kent’s frustration with her partner’s tendency to hide behind text messages during arguments, rather than resolving issues in person. The repeated refrain of “Don’t go texting me / Pull up, pull up, pull up” underscores her desire for more authentic, face-to-face confrontation, even as the pull of physical intimacy keeps drawing the couple back together despite their unresolved underlying issues – a relatable human dynamic captured in the song’s emotional tension.

The track blends elements of alternative pop and R&B, seamlessly fusing the flexible, cosmopolitan textures of the former with the smooth sensuality of the latter. The result is a sonic hybrid that pushes the boundaries of genre, hinting at a futuristic dimension of its own.

Alongside this new release, Jay Kent is preparing to embark on a North America tour, where she will be performing alongside her labelmate and fellow artist, the K-Pop sensation GSoul.

With the release of “Texting”, Jay Kent positions herself as a bold performer with unforgettable vocal power and the resolute poise to make it far and high in the industry. This combination of polished talents and sheer charisma is helping Kent cultivate an impressively large online following. In particular, on the popular social media platform TikTok, her unique musical persona has resonated profoundly, amassing over 130,000 dedicated followers and an astounding 1.2 million likes, already proving to be an exciting emerging force that we should definitely keep an eye on.


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