RIDI’s contemplative pop banger “Merry Go Round”

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Engineering student by day and musician by both day and night, Switzerland-Based pop Artist RIDI had the kind of debut most people don’t even dare dream of, and a year away from said debut, she keeps going strong. 

One year ago she introduced herself to the world with “Top Guy”, a song that would go on to garner over 2.7 million plays on youtube alone, quickly gaining a strong foothold in the industry upon which she can build the artistic career that she certainly deserves from her talent alone. 

The song comes along with delectable visuals, a music video directed by Tim Eren who created the video for Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s quadruple platinum hit “Lean On”. The piece takes direct inspiration from RIDI’s Indian Heritage for a rich and colorful collage of influences and cinematic vernacular that shines a fascinating spotlight on RIDI herself.


So great is this talent of hers that, along the way, she drew the attention of legendary music producer ‘Mousse T’ (Best known for Tom Jones’ “Sexbomb,”), as well as that of notorious ‘Diamond Duggal'(known for producing Shania Twain’s 11x platinum selling album “Up!”), with the three of them working close to elevate RIDI’s work to the next level with her newest track “Merry Go Round.”

Both the name and the theme of this single come from the realization that sooner or later, we’ll all have a turn in the merry-go-round of life. An ongoing cycle of emotions that repeat themselves in different patterns and from different places across our lives. When we are young, we’ll feel our first heartbreak, and for most people, it won’t be the last; this is true for so many emotions and experiences across the board, be they happy or crushing, we will simply find a way to live with them, and as we grow in years we -ideally- grow in capacity to handle these situations better and better, to the point where we can learn and overcome many more challenges.

On top of her studies and music, RIDI is also a passionate anti-bullying advocate spearheading her own foundation called “STOP THE B”, an online-based org. working with and encouraging young people to use their own platforms to be conscientious and speak out against bullying and harassment in all its forms. The foundation has quickly received support from several celebrities including international football star Ronaldinho. RIDI was the youngest person invited to speak at the UN World Anti-Bullying forum in November of 2021, which received high praise from the UK’s Evening Standard.


Story: LADYGUNN Photos: Courtesy of the artist




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