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While the pandemic has halted many aspects of daily life, it has not halted creativity. As our world continues to socially distance, it is paramount that we do not distance ourselves from new music – especially tracks that feature novel melodic ideas and burgeoning avenues of discovery.

In this Release Radar, Ladygunn explores two weeks of new music from artists of sundry genres and musical styles.


Having amassed much acclaim from their 2018 feature on the HBO “Insecure” soundtrack, Radiant Children is rising in popularity with each newly-released track. This UK-based, R&B, soulful, trio gifts us with the triumph of “Mariposa,” an expression of light and musical artistry. Radiant Children interweaves warmth, positivity, and truth throughout their melodies and lyrics, and this song is merely a sneak preview of their upcoming album.

“Tell me, what’s the purpose of your life? / Ask the universe & it will give you what you like / Don’t you be ashamed to take the day to treat you nice / Spend some time alone, go read your book, go ride your bike / you don’t help nobody by not shining in this world / they day that you stop growing is the day you stop to learn / keep your heart wide open don’t forget what you deserve!”


An Arizona-native of Nigerian descent, Joy breathes authenticity and compassion into each song, and her newest album, in defense of my own happiness (vol. 1), is optimum proof. Joy speaks of trials and tribulations with messages of hope, rebirth, and personal victory. Power bleeds through “smoke,” as Joy sings of coming out of life’s hazy ways and embracing clarity and love.

LOGIC – No Pressure

Today, Logic dropped his final album entitled No Pressure. With years of tracks defining our musical generation, he explains, “It’s been a great decade. Now it’s time to be a great father.”

No Pressure is more than a retirement statement – it is revolutionary in its tactfully mixed tracks, wise lyrics, and melodious sound waves. While the song, “No Pressure” serves to introduce the masterpiece that is his album, his other tracks vary greatly in beat, tone, rhythm, and message, creating an album of musical diversity and genius.

JADEN SMITH – Cabin Fever

“Cabin Fever” is a sign of the times, as it is the first quarantine love song. With the tone of his previous track of “Summertime in Paris,” Jaden comments that this song is “made to be listened to when the sun is setting and you’re feeling good.” It is catchy and relevant, as we all have felt a sense of cabin fever and longing for a loved one while at home during the pandemic.

BLACKBEAR – i feel 2 much

blackbear, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, with five albums, six EPs, one mixtape, and two collab albums under his belt, is swiftly rising to the world’s top charts. “i feel 2 much” is honest and catchy, the perfect combination for expressing truth and vulnerability on a grand scale. Not only is it a song to add to every summer playlist, but the lyrics perfectly articulate the difficulty of communicating emotions in the face of pain and heartbreak.

LP – The One That You Love

“Now that you’ve got what you wanted / Now that you’ve got what you need / Girl if we’re gonna be honest / Honestly what’s left for me”

LP is a musical force, with her strong, polished voice, empowering lyrics, and punchy, tuneful melodies. Known for her 2015 hit, “Lost On You,” her various other albums, and ghost writing for artists such as Cher, Rhianna, and Céline Dion, she serves as an alternative, indie, pop, rock legend. “The One That You Love” is a smash hit, tackling the struggles of fitting a certain, unrealistic mold in a relationship, and standing up for oneself as a result.


“Baguetti” is a rare, original collaboration between the geniuses of Chicago-rapper Smino, Dreamville’s JID, and legendary record producer and songwriter Kenny Beats. Layered with a rhythmic beat and carried by the flow of both Smino and JID, this track is smooth and alluring. While Kenny Beats serves as one of the most talented creative forces of our generation, Smino and JID serve as rap’s up-and-coming legends, as they bring a level of originality and newness to the game.

DUCKWRTH ft. G.L.A.M & JULIA ROMANA – Coming Closer

“Coming Closer” is sexy, seductive, pulsating, and exhilarating with each note. Not only does the song compel you to move, smile, and dance, the video is visually captivating, as you cannot take the eyes off of the beauty that is Duckwrth and G.L.A.M..

Duckwrth has failed to disappoint us this year, as track after track has proved hit after hit. Having garnered a substantial fan base with his previous albums, EPs, and features in popular television and movie soundtracks, he is just getting started – we wait in anticipation to see this starlet reach global success.

UPSAHL – People I Don’t Like

Arizona-born UPSAHL is the indie/alternative artist to look out for. With an original voice and sound, UPSAHL kills “People I Don’t Like,” making it an absolute hit. Being raised in a music household, UPSAHL moved to Los Angeles in 2018, and she is already climbing her way up to popularity. While her previous release, “Drugs,” has become an anthem for TikTok, this track is set for just as much acclaim.

MICHELLE – Sunrise

Michelle – a group of six inspiring, youthful, talented, artistic 21-year olds – returns with the hit of “SUNRISE.” While this group explores the bounds of rap, soul, jazz, and pop, this release is quite exciting, as we are eager to see what is next from this diverse and up-and-coming collective.

They comment, “’SUNRISE’ holds some kind of a summer air, but more so a longing for someone who could never really show up. A sentiment as sticky, sweaty, and fleeting as summer. Sunrise is as bittersweet as it is groovy. We’re grateful that the first song we’re releasing since HEATWAVE gets to be one we’ve held on to, sang, rewritten, and lived with for so long.”

story / Taylor Thompson

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