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Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved music. Music has had the ability to ease my nerves, to cheer me on, to teach me lessons, and to change and evolve with me. It is a timeless art form, as it metamorphosizes with the rest of society, with the world – as it puts a mirror up, causing us to reflect.

For the past few months, I have written the Release Radars for Ladygunn…and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Discovering new music and sharing my excitement about it with the rest of the world has been so fulfilling.

As I close upon my time at Ladygunn, I just want to say thank you – for sharing the music with me, for reading what I have to say, and for recognizing music’s immeasurable impact on life. I am full of love and gratitude.

That said, let’s look at our Release Radar.


Los Angeles singer-songwriter Indie Shawn, who has been releasing music since 2012, teams up with the beloved singer, songwriter, record producer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist, Anderson .Paak, to create this soulful, harmonic tune. These two melodic artists share a positive outlook on love, seeking a future in which love will go the way they want. Beautifully mixed in terms of sound and vocals, it is perfect to sing along to and to admire.

SASHA SLOAN – House With No Mirrors

There is no questioning the talent of Sasha Sloan. With the ability to perfectly humanize her thoughts and fears within her music, “House With No Mirrors” discusses insecurities and self-consolation. This track, along with her recent release, “Lie” are openers for her forthcoming debut album, Only Child. Her artistry is unique and authentic, and we cannot wait for the release of her album.

GOTH BABE – As She Dreams

If you don’t know Goth Babe, you most definitely should. He is the artist you listen to on a sunset drive, on a road trip, with the people you love in this world. In releasing his music, he has garnered a substantial indie fan base, and he continues to write and create beautiful tracks as he road trips up and down the west coast with his puppy, Sadie. Listen if you want to reflect and feel one with yourself and the world.

MAGGIE LINDEMANN – Knife Under My Pillow

Let’s switch things up a little bit. Maggie Lindemann is the alternative, pop female artist the music industry needs. This 22-year-old talent sings about feeling “paralyzed” in dealing with anxiety – a message that so many people can resonate with. This track is beautifully chaotic – the perfect alternative song to cry to, to laugh to, and to scream to. We need more songs like this.


Kehlani and Syd on the same track?! Insane. This collaboration between Disclosure, one of the most formidable EDM production teams in the world, Kehlani, multi-platinum songstress with a voice like honey, and Syd, the female force behind groups such as Odd Future and the Internet, is beautifully rare and perfect in every way. It truly does feel like someone’s “birthday.”


Aluna, a new, up-and-coming singer, songwriter, and producer, just solidified her career upon the release of her debut album, Renaissance. It is diverse in sound, in message, beautiful, honest, and authentically her. “The Recipe” is the seventh track off of her new album, featuring the legend of Kaytranada and rising Nigerian artist Rema. Rhythmic and flavorful, this bop deserves a listen.


The indie God, Mac Demarco, has released a demo album of his most recent release, Here Comes the Cowboys, showing his fans the early workings and creative process behind his tracks. The demo version of “K” is beautiful, soothing, and bleeding truth, introspection, and authenticity. Melancholy and kind, it is a perfect love song.


One of the most popular questions this year among Tik Tok and social media universes was, “but do you listen to girl in red?” Well, if you don’t – you should. Her newest release, “rue,” is based off the lead character in HBO’s Euphoria, and girl in red’s emotional connection to her. It is a powerful song that builds with each verse.

THUNDERCAT, SMINO, GUAPDAD 4000 – Dragonball Durag – Remix

This jazzy, funky, r&b boogie is good for your soul. This collaboration between the legendary, widely acclaimed Thundercat, and rising rappers Smino and Guapdad 4000 is a tactful and admirable remix that will top the rap and r&b charts.

JADEN – Boys and Girls

“Boys and Girls” is the last track off of Jaden’s new album, CTV3: Cool Tape Volume 3. With its bouncy piano, Jaden’s ebbing and flowing, smooth vocals, accompanying synths and harmonized voices, this track is the perfect, uplifting end to a perfect, uplifting album.

Thank you, Ladygunn. I’ll love you forever.

story / Taylor Thompson

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