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While the pandemic has halted many aspects of daily life, it has not halted creativity. As our world continues to socially distance, it is paramount that we do not distance ourselves from new music – especially tracks that feature novel melodic ideas and burgeoning avenues of discovery.

In this Release Radar, Ladygunn explores two weeks of new music from artists around the globe of sundry genres and musical styles.


“Save The Day” is the epitome of musical royalty, as Mariah Carey’s far-ranging vocals are swiftly carried by the prevalent, unmatched voice of Lauryn Hill in the sample of “Killing Me Softly.” This particular song has been held onto since 2011, and this release is exciting fans nationwide, as it hints at Mariah’s forthcoming album, The Rarities. This upcoming, thirty-two track record will be one for the books – if it’s anything like “Save The Day.”

WHITNEY WOERZ – Retrograde

This New York-based starlet, Whitney Woerz, is one to look out for. Not only does “Retrograde” have the potential to top the charts with its poppy, rhythmic, and meticulously crafted sounds and lyrics, but Whitney, herself, deserves ample recognition for her pursuits. As an avid supporter of mental health, she is an ambassador to Glenn Close’ charity, Bring Change 2 Mind. She is the type of artist we need.


LLusion, a California-based artist and producer, collaborates with New Yorker Cautious Clay and California-based producer HXNS for this new track. Having recently garnered major success with his mixes on TikTok, LLusion is just getting started, as he plans to release a new mixtape very soon. At just 22, it is very clear that LLusion is extremely talented in mixing and beat-making, and we wait in anticipation for him to rise to global success.


“‘Hurt’ surrounds the possibility of healing from pain and the temporary nature of suffering…It is supposed to uplift and comfort those going through hard times.”

Arlo Parks is a nineteen-year-old poet and singer based in London who has a lot to say…and she knows how to say it through her music. Her voice is warm and sweet, flowing in synchronicity with her tender, rhythmic beats. As she interweaves her poetry into her music, we are left agape by her vulnerability and pure artistry.

JESSE JO STARK – Tangerine

With a sound similar to the genre of Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie, Jesse Jo Stark is the rising, indie, LA-based artist who will bring us back into the past, while exploring new, original, beautiful musical elements of her own. Jesse Jo perfectly mixes tones of dreamy, atmospheric melodies with rock, taking us through heartbreak, hope, and love.


“Super Bounce” is sensual, sultry, and savory – its dreamy, chime-like sound perfectly parallels the soft, seductive sound of Duckwrth and the rhythmic, tuneful rap of Earthgang. This track is part of Duckwrth’s new sixteen-track album, SuperGood – which everyone should take the time to listen to. Duckwrth has had a year of fantastic releases.

BOY PABLO – rest up

Boy Pablo is about to come out with a new album, and “rest up” is the perfect sneak preview. While this Norwegian indie star plans to put out his debut album in October, this atmospheric, synth-incorporated tune will carry us over until then. With a similar sound to indie pop artists such as Cuco and TEMPOREX, Boy Pablo is the one to watch.


“Golden Ticket,” being the title track off of Brasstracks’ new album and featuring Common, musical royalty, and Masego, the up-coming R&B legend, will easily amass worldwide acclaim. This release is jazzy, boppy, and dynamic – as each singer brings different elements to the table.

AMBER MARK – Heart-Shaped Box (Cover)

Amber Mark, this beautiful, talented, and Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and producer, covered the classic Nirvana song, “Heart-Shaped Box,” as part of her COVERED-19 series. This original rendition is indie and r&b, completely revolutionizing the original grungy, 90s sound.

ELOHIM – I’m Lost

“I was playing these bizarre parts using manipulated synths and quite literally lost myself in the process for a moment…The sounds and keyboard parts, the whole experience, took me to another planet.”

Elohim, this LA-based singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, with an emphasis in alternative/electronic beats, releases the experimental “I’m Lost” and has us both dancing and reflecting. This is the epitome of being an artist – creating and releasing originality and innovation that will captivate audiences worldwide.


Musical Queen, Alicia Keys, offers us this beautiful, ravishing hit that features the generational starlet, Khalid, upon the forthcoming release of an Autumn album.

Alicia comments, “We call it a trance! The energy is inescapable! Collaborating with Khalid on this one was very special. This song is about being done with changing yourself for the sake of others and letting go of any one else’s ideas of how your life should look.”

story / Taylor Thompson

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