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While the pandemic has halted many aspects of daily life, it has not halted creativity. As our world continues to socially distance, it is paramount that we do not distance ourselves from new music – especially tracks that feature novel melodic ideas and burgeoning avenues of discovery.

In this Release Radar, Ladygunn explores two weeks of new music from artists around the globe of sundry genres and musical styles.


Up-and-coming, Boston-born, R&B luminary, Teamarr, teams up with acclaimed rapper, Wale, in releasing “Colors” – a song of potency and importance, as it addresses racial injustice, police brutality, and equality, while carried by a tuneful beat. With lyrical originality and a rhythmic track that will send it to the charts, this song is what our world needs.

“Can’t see my rise, don’t be color blind / My struggle came from the spoken lies and my broken eyes / And these broken thighs and this broken mind / You look at me and just wonder why / I’m black as fuck and feels so divine.”

REMI WOLF – Monte Carlo

Remi Wolf, with her original voice, distinctive style, and melodic brilliance is projected for major success. Having already toured with artists such as Still Woozy, Cautious Clay, and (soon) BENEE, Wolf is rising in popularity with her newest EP, I’m Allergic To Dogs!, released in June, and this newest single. She is one to look out for.


Upon the release of his newest album, Limbo, Portland-born rapper (who, over the years, has amassed much success), Aminé collabs with prevalent Atlanta-native rapper Young Thug in “Compensating.” While the official music video proves visually aesthetic, with its Wes Anderson-like composition, the song, itself, is the perfect summer bop.


BY.ALEXANDER is a brilliant enigma. While this London-native releases current hits with a tactful jazz influence, he has led an iconic career as a producer, having created hits of our generation – like Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” Eminem and Rhianna’s “Love The Way You Lie,” and many other notable tunes. This song features the ballads of 070 Shake, a rising singer and rapper with an atmospheric and grounded sound. “Trumpets” is beautifully composed, smooth and seductive in every note.


Flatbush Zombies are a New York-based, underground R&B trio with musical dexterity. “Afterlife” is their first release after their June EP, now more than ever, which featured dynamically-crafted hits, with influence of jazz, soul, and 90’s rap. Their sound is original and their work is authentic, as each song is uniquely theirs. James Blake, a notable producer of the hits of Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and Bon Iver, assisted in the production of this song – and it does not disappoint.

GOTH BABE – Moments/Tides

Goth Babe is the indie visionary that you need to add to every playlist. “Moments/Tides” is the song you play on a sunset drive back home, one that makes you reflect and appreciate the world around you. Goth Babe is a nomad – as he records every song in his own humble abode of an RV, alongside his pup, Sadie. “Moments/Tides” is a coming of age song, and the rest of his discography shares a similar tone.

OMAR APOLLO – Stayback

Omar Apollo, known for his alluring tracks layered with a dreamy guitar, smooth vocals, and smash hits in the indie pop world, gifts us with “Stayback” – a rhythmic song accompanied by a cinematic video. “[It’s] a song about being in love for a long period of time. After years of being hurt emotionally, I moved on and decided to treat the relationship as a memory instead of fantasizing it and trying to make it work…When I finished the production, I realised this was the song that I’ve been wanting to make my entire career. My guitar player Oscar killed the solo on it and really brought the whole thing together.”


Beabadoobe releases yet another hit, “Sorry,” lifted off of her new forthcoming album, Fake it Flowers, set for an October release. Her sound is so original and exciting – as no one in the current indie pop world is releasing music so perfectly interweaved with a 90’s alternative influence.

This London-raised artist shares that this song is about “confessing mistakes in a friendship and watching someone breakdown and fade away as a person…It’s the idea of dismissing something because it felt too close to home and a personal reminder to never take for granted what that person could have had.”


Victoria Monét radiates beauty and power in her vocals, rhythms, and melodies. “Jaguar” is part of her newest debut album, also entitled Jaguar. This album, along with this track, is glossy, pristine, and controlled – as each note flows in perfect harmony with the rest. Victoria’s voice parallels the empowering message of her songs, grounded in passion and fire – she is set for international fame.

TROYE SIVAN – Rager teenager!

“Rager teenager!” is dreamy, nostalgic, and powerful – as it builds upon each verse. Troye reflects on his teenage self and his desires to go wild and be free. Not only is the song relatable to many, but the melody holds a unifying nature, as it is beautifully infectious.

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