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While the pandemic has halted many aspects of daily life, it has not halted creativity. As our world continues to socially distance, it is paramount that we do not distance ourselves from new music – especially tracks that feature novel melodic ideas and burgeoning avenues of discovery.

In this Release Radar, Ladygunn explores two weeks of new music from artists around the globe of sundry genres and musical styles.

JORJA SMITH – By Any Means

“By Any Means” is a measure of social justice taken by British singer-songwriter Jorja Smith. Not only does the song itself, through its lyrics and melody, detail the purpose of the Black Lives Matter Movement, but the track is creating concrete change. Financial proceeds from the song will go directly to the following organizations: The Gathering for Justice, NACDL Foundation for Criminal Justice, Equal Justice Initiative, and the Legal Aid Society’s Cop Accountability Project, all projects fighting for equality, rights, and fairness within the justice system and governmental institutions.

“I take pride in the things that we’ve done/Side by side in the revolution…Won’t stay silent for things that I love…By any means, I will fight.”

TAYLOR SWIFT – cardigan

Taylor Swift gifts us with the masterpiece of folklore, a sixteen-track musical novel of love, loss, and hope. “cardigan” has risen to the top of the charts, not only with its melodic piano and atmospheric beauty, but with its brilliant lyricism. This song details the perspective of being in love, while two other songs in the album, “August” and “Betty,” detail differing perspectives of the same romance. Taylor Swift will never let us down.

Taylor explains, “Cardigan” is about “a lost romance and why young love is often fixed so permanently within our memories…This is a song that’s about long lost love, and looking back on it and how special it made you feel, all the good things it made you feel, all the pain that it made you feel.”

KOFFEE – Pressure

20-year-old, Jamaican reggae singer, Koffee, releases “Pressure,” a tuneful, rhythmic hit, one that will carry us through the summer. Not only can the world bop to this track, but we can relate to it – as we all have felt a sense of pressure this year amidst the quarantine and the state of our times. This release is exciting for Koffee and her fans, as she has been performing this song at her concerts for a while, and it follows the release of “Lockdown,” another smash hit.


Surf Mesa, a 19-year-old, electronic artist, who garnered much popularity for his TikTok famous song, “ily (i love you baby)” feat. Emille, teams up with indie pop icon, Gus Dapperton, to create the hit that is “Somewhere.” Surf Mesa has rapidly gained traction in the music industry, and with Dapperton featured, this track is set for radio stations and charts. With a pulsating beat and ebbing and flowing ballads, “Somewhere” is perfect for any occasion.

BILLIE EILISH – my future

While Billie Eilish never fails to create a pop cultural hit, “my future” hits different. It is an anthem for introspection and inspiration, one that calls us to look to our own futures and dreams. It is sanguine and sincere, while taking us through waves of different sounds and feelings. With an enthralling voice, carried by a sweeping, melodic wave of sound, this release will serve as a long-lasting reminder of the cultural icon of Billie Eilish, along with her development as an artist. Listen to “my future.”


“Love Again” is a rare and beautiful collaboration between two generational icons of R&B. Brandy, musical royalty of early 90s R&B, and Daniel Caesar, a musically methodical genius of contemporary R&B soul, mix artistic styles to compile this smooth song. While this track was previously released on Daniel’s 2019 album, Case Study 01, this hit is acquiring its deserved praise off of Brandy’s newly-released album, B7.

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD – Cherry Flavoured

“Cherry Flavoured,” along with “Middle of Somewhere,” are the first tracks released off of the Neighbourhood’s forthcoming album, Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones. The song possesses the catchy, almost spacey and beating rhythm of The Neighbourhood that we know and love. It is a perfect introduction to their new album, and we await in anticipation for this exciting release.

ALEXANDER 23 – Caught in the Middle

Alexander 23 is an up-and-coming pop artist who proves innovative not only through his lyrics and unique voice, but in using his own instrumental skills throughout his songs. This track is melodious and fun, while also holding an element of realistic truth on the basis of a lost love.

“’Caught in the Middle’ is about the uncomfortable familiarity I have with someone I was once in a relationship with,” he explains. “It’s strange to know someone’s deepest, darkest secrets, but not be up to date on their daily setbacks and triumphs—to truly be in between ‘lovers’ and ‘strangers.'”

MXMTOON – bon iver

“bon iver” is the first track off of Dawn, mxmtoon’s forthcoming EP. Layered with harmonies, beautifully composed minor chords, and a swift, accompanying beat, this track is audibly stunning. Known for her dreamy indie sounds, Oakland-born mxmtoon is the gifted artist to listen to. In first garnering fame from her ukulele and singing videos on Youtube, she has now amassed over 5.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify – and is projected for much more acclaim.


“Cancel Me” is one of the many hits off of Dominic Fike’s new album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong. With his distinctive voice and rhythmic style, Fike discusses the downsides of fame and his subconscious wish to be “canceled” so he can go back to normal life. Well, with hits like this – he most definitely will not be canceled.

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