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While the pandemic has halted many aspects of daily life, it has not halted creativity. As our world continues to socially distance, it is paramount that we do not distance ourselves from new music – especially tracks that feature novel melodic ideas and burgeoning avenues of discovery.

In this Release Radar, Ladygunn explores two weeks of new music from artists around the globe of sundry genres and musical styles. Here are our favorites:


Summer Walker expresses, “‘Let It Go’ is about when you are so blindly in love that you fail to see the person you’re in love with for who they really are. After ignoring all the signs and your intuition, you get to a point where you just gotta let it go—and doing so will allow better love into your life in the long run.”

“Let It Go” is smooth and glassy, as each note and ballad flows in delicate unison. While melancholy, it is simultaneously romantic, as the song attracts new love, new hope, and a new future. R&B icon Summer Walker continues to captivate us with each release, and this beautiful track will most definitely top the charts.

BOY PABLO – honey

Norwegian indie-pop-rock superstar, Boy Pablo, gifts us with a catchy, carefree, summer tune. With the tone of artists like Jacob Ogawa and Cuco, Boy Pablo is the perfect artist to listen to when on a drive with friends. “Honey” is flavorful, innocent and sweet, capturing the essence of teen love.

“The flowers wither / And the clouds grow bigger / Up in the garden alone, I’m freezing, but it’s fine / ‘Cause I’m thinking of you / And all of the things we could do / Running as fast as I can, glad I forgot to tie my shoes”

DOMINIC FIKE – Politics & Violence

Dominic Fike, a Florida-born, Brockhampton-affiliated, demo-making genius, gives us a sneak preview of his upcoming album in dropping his single, “Politics & Violence.” Fike breaks all genre barriers, as he skillfully interweaves elements of pop, lofi-sounding beats, and rap into this track.

Fike plans to release his debut album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong, on July 31. By the looks of it, this could be the album of the summer.

H.E.R. – Do To Me

While social justice for BLM has taken a forefront in H.E.R.’s recent discography, (with her unforgettable song, “I Can’t Breathe,”) “Do To Me” is the seamless transition our world needs into melodic, uplifting, and tuneful releases. This reggae-rooted track, featuring Sister Nancy’s 1982 “Bam Bam,” is both beautiful and catchy, perfect for listening at anytime, anywhere.


Beabadoobe, known most recently for her feature on “death bed (coffee for your head),” one of the most used TikTok sounds, is the up-and-coming artist you need to look out for. At just nineteen years old, this Philippine-born, London-raised singer is already 60th in the world on Spotify. “Care” is indie, poppy and alternative – and truly at the forefront of ‘main character’ songs.


“F2020” is truly a sign of the times, as the song originally gained popularity when posted on TikTok. Overnight, this tune attracted millions of views, and now, it has become a complete single with a graphically brilliant lyric video. This Nashville-based band has only just started their career, as they began releasing music in 2019.

Not only does this song lyrically illustrate the horrors of 2020, but the melody and tone encapsulates the most truthful sense of teenage angst.

TOBY – Play Out

While “Play Out” is the leading single of this Miami-based, up-and-coming rap luminary, it is only a glimpse into the artistic genius of ToBy. “Play Out” is an integral part of The Outside, ToBy’s newest EP. His music is skillfully rhythmic and tactically melodic, as each song integrates a new level of dynamicality and variety, with aspects of lofi beats, rap, and hip-hop.

DECLAN MCKENNA – Daniel, You’re Still A Child

British artist Declan McKenna is indie royalty, and “Daniel, You’re Still A Child,” does not disappoint. As part of his forthcoming album, this track follows the story of a boy named Daniel, who experiences a sense of alienation from the outside world. While Declan has tackled heavy topics in his work prior to this release, he serves as a leader in the world of opening conversations to society, ones that need to be started.


Both Troye’s track and self-directed music video perfectly embody the hope and the struggle of amending a broken relationship. “Easy,” along with “Take Yourself Home” are early releases of his upcoming concept EP, In A Dream, set for an August 21 release. Troye is a truthful artist, one that breathes his vulnerability into his music, while utilizing the perfect ingredients to make his pop hits.

“I can’t even look at you / Would you look at the space just next to your feet? / The wood is warping / The lines distorting / This house is on fire, woo! / Burning the tears right out my face / What the hell did we do? / Tell me we’ll make it through”


Ellie Goulding has gifted us with a masterpiece in releasing her newest album, Brightest Blue. With musical guests such as Juice WLRD, Lauv, blackbear, Diplo, and Swae Lee, her album is full of hits that are set to serve as anthems for the summer. While each song explores new layers of emotion and experience, “Love I’m Given” is poignant in an original way, as it addresses the most important theme: self-love.

“Reaching these new heights / love without someone else feels right / love for myself in this new light / there’s something much deeper inside”

story / Taylor Thompson

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