Recap: SXSW brunching with LADYGUNN and WIENER RECORDS

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SXSW ’15 is officially wrapped. We hope everybody had a safe and ridiculous week of parties, Riff Raff sightings and free booze. On Wednesday, LADYGUNN and Wiener Records (AKA Burger Records) celebrated SXSW 2015 by throwing a boozey brunch and all-day showcase with friends Tuaca and Marshall. To prepare some of our favorite festival-goers for the daylong mayhem that is WIENERMANIA, LADYGUNN and Tuaca provided chow, cocktails, great tunes and amazing swag, courtesy of Marshall, at Spider House for an un-beatable way to spend a Wednesday afternoon in Austin.

Attendees drawing it up for #TuacaArt

Bands The Parrots (Madrid) and Sunflower Bean (Brooklyn) played sets that warmed the crowd up for a week of non-stop music. The Parrots surfy garage rock was a perfect opener to energize the brunch crowd, while Sunflower Bean’s shoegazey, psychedelic take on rock seemed to mesmerize the crowd, especially while rocking big black X’s on their hands. Look forward to a feature on these up-and-coming rockers in the next issue of LADYGUNN.

The Parrots

Sunflower Bean

Wiener Records kept the party going all night long, with bands including Gal Pals, Wax Witches, The Lemons and more LADYGUNN-approved acts. Please note: Any Burger-approved band is automatically Ladygunn-approved.
Thank you to everybody who came out to our brunch showcase, especially our partners Wiener/Burger Records, Tuaca and Marshall for making it all happen!

Life Forms

Thelma And The Sleaze

Wax Witches

No Parents

Kim And The Created

Gal Pals

Find more photos from the party here.
PHHHOTO provided their unstoppable gif photo booth, to make it all real.

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