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Finally, an artist has put to song an ode to generational icon Lana Del Ray’s worldly prowess. Zealyn, the LA-based alt-pop artist who might recognize as the second runner-up and fan favorite on American Idol’s 12th season, has released a dreamy sonnet that you should immediately add to your summer playlist. Zealyn quickly became an industry underground hero known for her catchy alt-pop beats heightened with honest, conversational, relatable lyrics that speak volumes to her audience.  “Lana In My Dreams” is a pop-jazz breath of fresh air that seems like a good aide to waken you out of your slumber and into a perfect day.

What is it about Lana Del Ray that makes her a muse to you?

My introduction to Lana Del Ray was in 2012 when I heard “Video Games” for the first time. I just remember being floored. I had never heard anything like her before. Her voice and songwriting felt so fresh, I was captivated by it then and still am to this day. And I really appreciate that all of her releases feel different from each other, like she’s not trying to make the same record twice, yet everything she releases somehow has this overwhelming sense of ease to it.

Who are some other muses you have?

Well, truthfully there aren’t a ton, but some artists that I love pretty much everything that they release are Hayley Williams (Paramore), Pinegrove, Haim, and The 1975. I think if you were to pull my most listened to on Spotify it’d just be a playlist of those four bands.

What is your favorite part about making music?

My favorite part of making music is actually releasing the music and touring. I mean of course I do also love writing and making records but nothing really scratches the itch for me like performing the songs live in front of people. I never feel more present, alive, and confident than when I am on stage.

What was the last dream you had?

I typically only dream if I am stressed out, and then the dream is just a loop of me failing to perform a routine task. It’s awful. I think that’s why I was so struck by the peaceful dream I had that inspired this song. It really stuck out to me.

What is the muse for your upcoming EP?

There wasn’t one, haha. For about 6 months I just didn’t listen to any music while writing this EP because I didn’t want there to be any present influence and I didn’t want to have the thought of “I want this song to sound like this artist” or whatever. I just posted up in my living room and wrote these songs with just one other person, David James Williams. We wanted to write exactly what we felt like writing, regardless of genre or style. It was a very freeing process and felt like there were no restraints. Kind of like a “fuck the rules” environment. But if I had to give a definite answer, I guess lyrically, I was my own muse. This EP is the first time I’ve ever written in a conversational style with complete honesty. A lot of the lines on this EP are word-for-word from conversations I’ve had throughout the last year and some of the lyrics are so personal it hurts to sing.

What musicians do you think are doing it right now? 

Well, like I said earlier, I kind of went on a hiatus from listening to music when I was writing my EP so I feel a little out of the loop on current releases. But, Pinegrove put out a record in January and I pretty much haven’t stopped listening to that. I’m also really into Willow, Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy, I think they’re killing it.

How does social media affect or impact the way you release your music?

I definitely have some mixed feelings. I mean I am grateful to have a platform to get my music out there but it is getting harder and harder to “hit the algorithm” and I hate that that’s even a part of the conversation. I Just want to make quality art over quantity. But, It feels impossible to reach anyone these days. So, I have been putting in a lot more effort, time, and money than I ever have before in hopes people will spend more than two seconds looking at it but sadly it often feels like no one cares.

What is your bedtime ritual?

Well since you asked…

– Remove my makeup

– Skin care routine

– Brush my teeth

– Put in my retainer

– Remove my contacts (I’m almost legally blind)

– Pajama time

– I’ll typically watch something light hearted right before bed (usually New Girl)

– Stretch while watching

– Nighty night


“Lana In My Dreams” almost feels like I’m having a rave on a cloud when I listen to it. I also love the jazzy elements. What was the process or spark for this song?

That’s a great description, thank you. I’ve never written a song based off of a title before but that’s sort of what happened here. It’s kind of backwards for me, I guess. A couple years ago I had this dream that felt like an extended meditation and during it, all I could hear was Lana Del Ray. So, when I woke up I already had the words “I hear Lana in my dreams” in my head and I knew one day I’d make a song with that as the title. This song is really about finding yourself so overwhelmed with the current state of your world that you feel the only way to cope is to disconnect from it entirely. While writing, I knew that when the chorus arrived I wanted it to feel like a victory, or a sense of relief. So to contrast that, I wanted the verses to be sort of intense (lyrically) by singing about addiction and desperation. On top of all of that, I wanted the groove throughout to be so gripping that maybe you miss those nuances all together. It’s meant to be a song that after each listen, it sort of reveals another layer to you. The whole thing is in 4/4 up until the bridge, where it almost seamlessly transitions into 6/8, and we introduce a killer saxophone solo (shout to Hailey Niswinger). While writing I knew at some point I wanted there to be a time signature change, and almost sort of a genre change, to really pull you out of the world we built and make you feel like you were floating into a dream-like sequence.

What are you dreaming about right now?

Honestly, I can’t remember any recent dreams so I guess mostly I have just been dreaming about my future. My dream is to have a career in music with longevity and growth for many years to come. I just want to make music.
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