PREMIERE: BOBI ANDONOV – "Faithful" (Stripped Series)

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Orange shirt, Necklace& Earring : Bobi’s Own Leopard Coat : Vintage

If smoldering looks and a seductive pin me to the bed vibe could make you rich then Bobi Andonov would be one of the wealthiest men on earth. The sultry Austriallian by way of Macedonia grew up on a generation of sex symbols that paved the way for him like George Micheal, Prince, and Terence Trent Darby.
“Watching those guys perform, from the way they carried themselves, the way moved on stage made me want to be an artist and just immerse myself in music.” Bobi muses.
Immersion is a bit of an understatement, Bobi seemed to drown himself in music since an early age working nonstop on his craft with the utmost devotion. We talk to Bobi about his dedication to his craft, his inspirations and his life on the road.
What themes in life inspire your work the most?
Being in love with someone, getting my heart broken and sex are the main themes when it comes to my writing. I think they’re just the most honest, but I always try to find interesting ways and angles of writing about it.
Can you remember the first body of work that made you feel inspired?
I was 12 years old and I had just come home from school and Purple Rain the film was playing on tv. I just remember not being able to take my eyes off the screen and it changed the way I looked at artists, music and even myself.
Who are you music inspirations of the present day?
I love Childish Gambino he’s in a league of his own. Always pushing the boundaries. I also love Frank Ocean. His music is so timeless and you always discover something new listening to his music.
When did you first feel like you liked the sound of your voice?
That’s a hard question, I don’t think its a matter of liking my own voice. I think as I got older and started writing and producing as well, I got more confident in my voice and abilities, but I’m always constantly trying to better myself as a singer and an artist.
What are your favorite cities in the states?
Well I live in L.A now and I love it, but I was just in New York for the first time and fell in love with the place. I could see myself moving there one day.

What do you miss most about Australia when you are traveling?
I think just having those close to you around all the time. I was so used seeing my family and friends everyday and its definitely hard adjusting from that.
What do you want your music to inspire people to do?
I want my music to help you lose yourself, whether it’s in a moment with someone or by yourself in your room. I’ve always wanted to write from an honest place.
Do you see any Macedonian references in your art today? 
 Not at the moment, but it’s definitely a side to me that I want to explore. The Macedonian music culture has so many beautiful, dark and romantic things about it. I would love to incorporate it into my music, live show, and artwork one day.
Your so young but seem so “around”, why is that?
 Well, I think knowing that I wanted to be an artist since I was 11 or 12, really made me grow up and take things seriously. At a young age, I got to travel a lot for music and experience a lot of things that most kids weren’t able to.
What is the best part about living in LA in relation to your music?
I think the vibe L.A gives me is way more different to Melbourne. I feel more driven, inspired and having my own place now where I can create my own world helps me create the music I want to make.
What is the strangest LA thing that has happened to you?
Well, when I was 19 I came to L.A by myself for the first time with no manager or older brother to look over me and through a random chance of meeting people I ended up at a party at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house, which blew my mind. I’m still recovering haha.

Red jacket : Coach Tank : Stylist’s Own Stripe Pants : Scotch & Soda Black Boots & Necklaces : Bobi’s Own
photos / Danielle DeFoe
styling /  Brittny Moore
Grooming /  Danni Katz w/  Tracey Mattingly Agency
Photo Assistant /  Tarik Atallah
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