POOL PARTY WITH FIDLAR ++ Interview with Zac Carper

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Zac Carper and FIDLAR are the punk rock heroes we need right now. Seriously listen between the hard riff, spit heavy songs and you will hear messages that really speak to our millennial, digital-infused and confused generation. Zac Carper is also one of my favorite musicians.  He’s not just a talented front man but his recently publicized struggles with drugs, alcohol, depression and recovery make him one of the most relatable people in the industry.
After losing his girlfriend and unborn child he admitted that he sunk further into depression and addiction and toyed with suicide.  Thankfully Carper successfully got sober and penned one of the better punk albums released in 2015 during that long process of recovery with his band FIDLAR. When he’s not being a front man, he’s influencing big names like Kate Nash and producing albums from garage rock punk bands SWMRS and Dune Rats.  From all he’s been through, he still manages to front one of the best bands that have been around in the last 15 years.   FIDLAR (Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk or Forget it Dad Life’s Alright” and their front man had a busy and successful year.
I caught them while they were on tour and I couldn’t get over how much I enjoyed the show.  So, a scheduled interview with Carper somehow fell in my lap.

How are you doing today?
I’m great, how are you?
Pretty good.  Congratulations on Too. I really enjoy that album.
Thanks so much, Mary. Glad that you like it. You know, I decided that I didn’t want to become a fucking statistic and get better.  I’m glad fans like our new record.
How are you enjoying touring now that you’re sober?
It’s really not that bad.  If the band wants to unwind and go out and party after a show, I can do that or I’ll just go back to my hotel.  It’s a lot of fun now to watch them get drunk and act fucking stupid.  But I have no desire anymore to get fucked up myself anymore.
Do you still have any vices?
I fucking love chocolate chip cookies. They’re a great replacement to heroin.
Your song “Cheap Beer” appeared in the movie Neighbors a few years ago,  that’s actually how I found out about FIDLAR.  What was it like to find out your song played blockbuster comedy like that?
Oh yea?  That’s so cool you found out about us that way. I thought it was awesome that our song was in that movie.  The thing about playing in a punk rock band is people think that you’re going to fucking sell out if that kind of stuff happens to your band.  That is kind of a stupid elitist attitude I don’t understand.  Punk isn’t about selling out, it’s an attitude and if people like what we do and like what they hear, it doesn’t matter where they hear it.
Good point, you’ve toured around for a while now.  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?
By far the weirdest thing I saw on tour is when we played at a house party and this girl took a shit on the side of a trailer.  I kid you not; she took a shit on the side of a trailer.
Weird question, but who is your favorite Disney princess?
That’s an easy one actually- Zac Carper.


For more information on FIDLAR and to buy Too check out their website: http://fidlarmusic.com/

photos / Kristy Benjamin

story/ Mary Lynn Ritch



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