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Whether you were aware of it or not, you listen to black music. The root of your favorite white DJ’s disco track and the history behind your favorite pop star’s single is deeply rooted in the creations born by black people. Young black people. Throughout the last few weeks, information about every single person’s part within the systemic racism that perpetuates our society has become as easy to educate ourselves on with one swipe of an instagram story. The fact is, we need to collectively change in order to create change. As writers, we need to read more. As consumers, we need to create more. As music makers, we need to listen more. As individuals, we need to unite. This week, we saw that despite many of us being out of jobs or graduating out of our literal living rooms, Generation Z has become some of the leaders of the biggest civil rights movement in history. As music and media is as integral as ever to this generation’s identity, who else should we hold the mic to today than young black artists? Thanks to content creator, photographer, podcaster, and Gen Z goddess, Bianka Gravilis, Ladygunn is thrilled to platform her ongoing collaborative playlist, “Young Black Artists” to pass the aux to the artists we all need to hear.

“I have always loved putting people on to young talent and I think in light of everything going on I wanted to show how music really heals and that this is the perfect time to discover and support young black artists,” says BG. “The young black artist playlist is a spotify collaborative playlist for people from all over to celebrate, share and discover black art. A lot of my friends are featured like Yourgrandparents, Carter Ace, Moziah, and King Oliver Trumpet. They are always putting out music that feeds my soul and all of them have definitely helped me get through this time.”

“The playlist brings awareness to the depth of black expression that’s available to us at such an important time,” expressed featured artist, King Oliver Trumpet. 

“As black people we really gotta support each other and music is one of our biggest ways of doing that,” Bianka furthers. “It unites the world. As challenging as life has been there is so much to learn, appreciate and listen to. I hope everyone enjoys and discovers something they never knew.”



photos / Bianka Gravillis

story / Paulette Ely

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