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Simple pleasures. For many, like SOKO, that may look like cooking, reading to your baby, and “making swimming pools out of buckets in your garden.” To us music lovers, we may feel pleasure from the serenity, simplicity, and security that is the song-list in SOKO’s Ladygunn playlist. Although a lot of us are tied to our homes at the moment, we may still succumb to the pressures of the “go-go-go” lifestyle that we are so accustomed to. We may still feel the heaviness of responsibility on our bath-robed shoulders as we subconsciously continue to speed up the pace of our state-mandated slow downs. SOKO’s Spotify playlist, however, takes us right out of that. The curated tracklist not only slows things down with sweet melodies and soothing lyrics, but also fosters a sense of playful youthfulness as the playlist was inspired by just that. 

SOKO has been on the scene for years, making more than just a name for herself with her gorgeous grunge aesthetics and multi-faceted artistry. She has been in full music creation mode for quite some time, planning to release her upcoming album, Feel Feelings, in mid-June. That said, she has seemingly been gifted with this time of self reflection, but not self isolation, as she spends every moment these days making memories with her baby boy. This playlist is personal, giving us all a peek into SOKO’s life as, not only a musical mogul, but a mother as well. “These are some of the songs we listen to the most,” she tells us of her and her little one. “I had to add one of my old songs to this playlist because each time it comes up my baby says, ‘encore encore!’ He was in the video of my first single for this 3rd record I’m about to put out, and because he heard the song so many times on set, I think he’s well aware of what I sound like now. Also, I just got him a baby karaoke mic and we sing our hearts out all day long! Quarantine has been hard, of course,  but it has also been a great way to have unlimited family time, and that’s always my favorite!”

Put this playlist on repeat and allow it to transport you to your safest place, whether that be to memories from your youth or literally to your porch to slow-dance your problems away. Thank you, SOKO, for the mellow-mood-making 45 minute playlist that we all truly need right now. Don’t you all just want SOKO to be your Mom?



photos / courtesy of the artist & Jasper Rischenjpg

story / Paulette Ely

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