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What better way to spend our quaran-time than with a playlist ranging from new releases to retro classics to soundtrack our strive for sanity? This week’s Ladygunn Playlist is straight from the brains of the incredibly dynamic duo, Marian Hill, who’s imprint on dance music and genre-fusion has set them apart from the pack. Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd have been making Marian Hill a household name for a while now, and their newest EP, “was it not,” is a beautiful representation of why so many hold their music so close to their hearts. Released on March 18, the EP is a romantic nod to music connectivity, a theme that they didn’t know would sing as loud as it does during these disconnected times.

As Marian Hill curated their Ladygunn playlist, they rounded up their favorite styles of music represented in songs that are infectious at every level. Known for fusing jazz with deep beats and even some R&B accents, the playlist seems to directly mirror the musical minds of the duo. Not only are there Marian Hill EP originals scattered throughout the songlist, you can also shuffle through fresh releases like Leven Kali’s certified bop with Ty Dolla $ign as well as classic tracks like a tribute to the late and the great, Bill Withers. Marian Hill seems to take pride in being the line that connects the dots between different genres and generations of music, and we are so lucky to have a playlist this week that embodies the above. We all have a relationship with music, and thanks to Marian Hill we now have a new playlist that serves as a reminder to this beautiful romance.



photos / courtesy of artist

story / Paulette Ely

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