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Bree Runway, the banger creator and baddest in the game, blessed us today with a playlist that is as infectiously energetic as she is. Rather than solemnly sitting in this isolating time, the Hackney born trailblazer is stressing the importance of being our sexiest selves in preparation of another hot girl summer. With this notion in mind, Bree has not only curated a playlist stacked with fellow fierce artists, but has also been creating music during quarantine that seems to take us out of our pajamas and into our favorite going-out-fits.

Just last month, Bree released her newest single, “Damn Daniel” with Yung Baby Tate, a song that is as creative lyrically as it is layered musically. Accompanied by an aesthetically 80’s video that quite literally lights our world with color, “Damn Daniel” speaks to Bree’s ability to ignite our inner fires even in the darkest of days. Once we’ve all gotten up and vibed to Runway’s originals, we are lucky to have her hour long survival playlist to keep the party going wherever we may be quarantined. “These are the songs that have been keeping me alive, pumped and making me feel sexy,” says Bree, “although it’s super hard when your hair is a mess and you’ve been in the same tracksuit for a million years.” Same, Bree… same.



photos / Charlotte Rutherford

story / Paulette Ely

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