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Take a deep breath and get ready to be whisked away by PJ and her new EP “Waiting For Paris.” This R&B EP has empowerment and soul running wild through its musical bloodstream. With a confident, energetic, and daring vibe, “Waiting For Paris” takes dips into pop, soul, and country, all while remaining true to a classic R&B finish.

PJ is already a notorious songwriter working with artists along the lines of Charlie Puth, Meek Mill, and Wiz Khalifa, but with this EP, she frankly steps into a spotlight that is her own to command. PJ brings effortless womanhood into the arena and songs that will make you stand up a little taller, prouder, and louder for what you deserve in life and love.

With 6 tracks on the album, there are two that we want to shine some extra light on. The song ‘Smoke,’ which is the fourth song on the EP, is the perfect song for healing from heartbreak, needing to leave something that went wrong, or a reminder not to get into something that has signs of smoke from the get-go. “Smoke” is the song you drive away listening too without looking back.

Another favorite on the EP without a doubt is ‘Price Went Up,’ the sixth and final track on this confidence-building EP. This track is a reminder that we get better and grow, that people who you knew in the past don’t necessarily get access to you now, that you are worthy of whatever price you deem is correct. It’s a song to walk into a challenging situation playing in one earbud to remind you who you are and what you need.

PJ’s honesty and self love is apparent throughout this power move of an EP. If you need a boost in your mood, attitude, and ego, then it’s waiting for you within the tracks of “Waiting For Paris.” Get to know PJ’s favorite tracks, inspiration, and her most vulnerable track on the EP by reading below.

Hey, hi, how are you doing today?

I’m doing amazing – Just making the best out of my quarantine, and I’m excited to put some new music in the world. I’m so hype.

Your social media is covered in color and whimsy – is that how you see the world and does it inspire you?

I think in a way, I definitely do. I’m a very visual person, and I think I’m the type that gets inspired very easily. Just from conversations, locations, somebody flirting with me, lol it could be anything. I get a lot of ideas when I’m just pacing, I have voice notes full of song ideas.

What else inspires you, specifically around your newest EP?

I think I’m inspired by being able to be honest and get things off your chest. It reminds me I’m still human. I’ve been learning a lot about settling into adulthood, and I’m learning all this new shit constantly. How to deal with men, how to juggle relationships, how to focus. Whether I’m great at it, or terrible, I’m going to write about it. Waiting For Paris, Is basically about me embracing who I am, and owning it to the fullest. Waiting For Paris is about me elevating to my highest form, and being unafraid of expressing that.

Do you have a favorite track on the EP?

I LOVE THEM ALL. There are all different vibes. One for every occasion, and every relationship. It’s basically like a sexy Rnb trap cupcake; From Privately, to Counterfeit (which is a soundtrack to go off on someone who deserves it lol), to Price Went UP, to SMOKE, and FoRREAL. It’s just confident AF.

What is the most vulnerable lyric set on the album? What does vulnerability as an artist mean to you?

On this EP, it’s probably coming from Smoke. Smoke is about staying in a relationship you know you shouldn’t even be in. And you’re sitting in the house, comfortable, like that one (dog meme sitting at a table, with the house on fire). And I say “I don’t play with fire, fire likes to play with me, mental pictures of us got me covered in the third degree”. It’s just a very passionate song, for me, I don’t typically dabble in that space.

You have a unique vibe – how has that served you? Has it caused challenges?

YES. Definite challenges, because every now and again, I have to act like I’m stupid. JK, Being Unique is the best thing in the world. I feel like if I wasn’t who I am, I couldn’t make the music that I make. I think because I lived half of my life in two different places, and I went to a lot of different schools, at least 6 different ones. I went to all black schools, all white, small town to a big city, and the different types of music my parents would play. So I’m always blending genres. And the challenges that I’m up against, to be, really just inspire to write about getting through them.

Best advice you have ever received?

FUCK EM. FUCK WHAT THEY GOT TO SAY. Also, always mention something you like, before saying what you don’t like, people are more inclined to listen to you, if you lead with a compliment.

What does the album/EP making process look and feel like to you?

At first it was a lot of stumbling, trying to find something we already had. I went through a period of searching, I don’t know what I was looking for honestly. But I just kept recording songs every day but never finishing them. I was burnt out. I couldn’t find anything. So I started just listening to some songs I actually finished, before I was burnt out. And I’m like these are hard, I just needed to tweak them. And I just wanted to stop overthinking about what song was better than the other, I just wanted people to hear it. I know they’re going to fuck with it.

What is something, somewhere, someone that brings you peace?

My dog Zombie, and being back in Greensboro with my family or Atlanta with my Dad.

How do you feel about the EP dropping during such a challenging time for the world?

Not gonna lie, I was a tad nervous but I think “why not?” The arts always thrive in times of crisis.

What do you think music’s role in culture is? Is it a weight or does it uplift you to fill that role?

I think Music’s role is to influence. As an artist, I think you should talk about what you believe in, what feels good to you. Music’s job is to make you feel something. When I write, it comes from a pure and sometimes very emotional place lol. I think that comes across to my fans. I’ve had so many of them send me dms and tell me how my music got them through their senior year, or through a very rough time in their lives. So I think it definitely uplifts, it doesn’t feel like a weight. Because I’m talking about what I believe in.

At this point in your journey what does success look like to you?

To be mentioned along with people you look up too. I see success as being able to move freely. At any point in my life, I always wanna be able to have my heart’s desire. Whether that’s flying to another city, or buying a car. That’s the frosting type stuff. The cake is being able to take care of my family, and be able to do stuff for them, so they know much I appreciate them.

Which song on the EP are you the most excited to perform live in the future and why?

Privately. I just love hopping into my throwback R&b sultry vibe, cause I don’t do it often. It’s just got this fire ass bop to it.

Any Words you would like to share before readers check out the EP?

Please Please check it out, and stream it, it’ll be on all platforms. Waiting on Paris, is about being confident, and embracing who you are. It has a lot of energy and I’m proud of it. And you should follow me on instagram @justpeej



photos / Monhand Mathurin

story / Weslee Kate


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