Pizza Underground at Baby's All Right

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story / Tiffany Diane Tso
photos/ Jena Cumbo

Ladygunn stalked Macaulay Culkin for a night. After a week of hype about Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band, Pizza Underground, then hearing they were going to play a free show with free pizza on Friday the 13th (12/13/13) at our new favorite venue, Baby’s All Right, we felt like the universe was sending us a message: “Go to Macaulay Culkin.” So, we went.

The line was long, stretching down the block and comprised of the hypothesized hip Williamsburg crowd, everybody clearly vying at a glimpse of the enigmatic former child actor. The venue reached full capacity, with plenty still waiting outside desperately. After a long sound check, the crowd ravaging three Williamsburg Pizzas, the band came out to play a lo-fi eight-minute set, all five members playing an “instrument” and singing pizza-laden lyrics in unison.

Was it worth it? To us, only to spy on our favorite actor/public figure. That apple/bacon slice wasn’t bad, either.

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