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Photocomfort, the brainchild of Boston artist Justine Bowe, is a project that encapsulates the essence of music itself, pushing limits and delivering exactly what the artist wants. 

With an exemplary style that transcends traditional boundaries, Photocomfort’s music is characterized by powerful lyrical work accompanied by honest and relatable melodies. She is not only a brilliant songwriter whose expertise in the music industry extends beyond her own music, but also a talented producer, having worked with artists such as Hex Girlfriend, Anjimile, and Cliff Notez and toured alongside acts such as St. Lucia, Lewis Del Mar, and Beirut.


Contrasting her previous work, which contained both sensitive and humorous introspection, Photocomfort’s upcoming album, titled “Patron Saint,” marks a shift in direction. This collection of platonic love songs promises to delve into a different realm of emotions, offering a fresh and captivating perspective on love.

In anticipation of the release of the album, Photocomfort is giving us a taste of what’s to come with her single, “Roll.” This track perfectly encapsulates her style and raw talent. A beautiful combination of lovely melodies and bittersweet lyrics, “Roll” showcases Photocomfort’s ability to enchant her audience through both her music and her storytelling abilities.

In “Roll,” Photocomfort reflects on one of the more challenging themes in “Patron Saint,” which is the idea of loving a friend so deeply that you might have to let them go. She explained that sometimes a friendship needs to be open and adaptable enough for a person to grow and thrive, even if it means they eventually move on. This bittersweet reality of true friendship, where love means giving someone the freedom to leave, is a poignant aspect of her record.

To further enhance the impact of “Roll,” Photocomfort also released a music video for the track. The video, serving as a metaphor for the lyrics, creates a unique atmosphere, adding an extra layer to the overall listening experience. The visual storytelling complements the song’s narrative, creating a straightforward yet alluring visual experience that complements the track’s emotional depth. Justine describes it as a three-minute thriller that was filmed entirely in her apartment, adding, “which is great because I didn’t have to leave the house, which is something I hate doing.”

With her impending album right on the horizon, Photocomfort is all set to further enhance her reputation as one of the most talented artists currently on the scene. There is a great deal of promise, care, and color in these upcoming songs, which would not be out of place in jazz songbooks or folk clubs. Whether you’re a fan of amazing music or simply appreciate exceptional artistry, Photocomfort is definitely worth experiencing. So, get ready to fall under the spell of “Roll” and witness Photocomfort’s continued ascension to becoming a bright star.

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