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Interview / Erica Russell
Photos / Eric T. White
Makeup / Tina Turnbow

Phoebe Ryan first hit our collective radars a few months ago, when her gleaming little jewel of a pop song—the effervescent, glistening “Mine“—started circulating the blogs, along with an incredible re-imagining of R. Kelly’s “Ignition,” which also blew up online. The emerald-haired indie songstress became an instant fave, and has been one to watch ever since.
This past month, the electro-pop darling inked a record deal with Columbia. And this week, she released her debut EP, Mine—available here now—a sampling of dazzling synth-pop, all dreamy beats, twinkly melodies, and magnetic vocals that pull you into a day dream daze only to shake you to your core with emotive power.
In celebration of the new release, we played Q&A with Phoebe. Find out what she had to say about upcoming cover possibilities, her brand new EP, receiving Tove Lo’s blessing, and more.

You seem to have burst onto the scene almost overnight, and already to such a great response; when did you start officially working on your music?
I wrote my first song when I was in fourth grade, but began doing it professionally when I moved to LA in February of last year. I’ve been waiting forever for this, it has never felt like an overnight thing to me.
Are you surprised or overwhelmed by the response so far?
I’ve always believed in myself and my music, and I’m my number one fan, so I shouldn’t be surprised by the response, right? I still am, all the time, every day.
Tove Lo was a huge breakout artist this past year. What was it like finding out that she digs your music?
Ugh, I look up to her so much. She’s incredible. It seriously means the world to me that she’s so supportive and awesome.
How would you describe your music in a haiku?
I had to google
Wtf a haiku is
My music is rad
Do you have any dream collaborations or tour ideas you’d love to see come to fruition?
I have to say, touring with the Knocks on the west coast was a dream. They are so much fun. It’s going to be hard to top their vibe. But I think I’d like to tour with Enrique Iglesias so I can kiss him on the lips.
What can you tell us about your new EP?
I wrote it in Nashville with Kyle Shearer and Nate Campany. They are my bros. I wrote most of the songs with a pen and paper. I lose sleep at night because I’m so stoked about it.
Will there be more music videos on the horizon from you?
Got one in my back pocket at the moment. Can’t wait for people to see. I may or may not be making out with a cute boy in it.
Can we expect any more covers or mash-ups? Are there any songs you’re itching to cover?
I am going through a very heavy Jason Derulo phase in my life. During sound-checks I sing his songs instead of mine. GIRL, YOU’RE THE ONE…
I have to ask—as someone who personally rocks bright peach locks—how did you decide upon emerald for yours?
I was going through a weird time in my life, honestly can’t remember why… but I walked into a salon two years ago and asked for mermaid hair and here I am.


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