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We tagged along with Native Sun on the shoot for the video of thier riveting single “Oedipus Race”.


A compelling statement and vital response representing the fractured America we live in. It tells the story and struggle of a disenfranchised minority through the eyes of the oppressor — pushed and undermined daily in our shameful, glorified “American Society”. NOW is the time to mobilize, educate, and fight the struggle! The video demonstrates the psychic catastrophe and uneasiness found within ourselves and our desire to expose it while still taming it — the human paradox. Filmed within a span of just a few hours, we were able to utilize surrealistic backdrops & realities intertwined with the intensity of our live chemistry to provide a stimulating visual accompaniment to a track with vital subject matter.

Hang out with the band below.

Rolling up between takes
Alexis before the first shots of the day
Cigarette Track Race
Alexis Climbing at sunset

Danny and Mauricio having a smoke break
Trying to get the perfect splash
Danny with the fire glow at the end of the shoot
 Posing for the camera
 Danny lightin’ up
Alexis, Pond Creative, and Mo setting up for another take
Cameraman Izel enjoying the show
Jake Pflum kissing his horned friend
Lacing up the fancy shoes
Jake on the edge of a train looking down on me
Mauricio in the morning
Mauricio looking lovely during a light test
Mo at the end of the shoot with the fire glow
 Cameraman Solomon and friends
Danny scoping out some steel coils for a possible shot



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