Nikitaa’s got a song for your lonely heart

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Nikitaa is an LA-based female singer-songwriter and producer taking music to a whole new level- A spiritual level.

Using Indian instrumentation and mixing it with R&B and ethereal pop. she creates a unique blend to bring about a new genre she calls ‘Goddess Pop’, her music invokes the universal image of ‘the Goddess’ in all of her forms, moods, and states. In her own words – “Every person has a Goddess power within them that honors the feminine within and without. I hope to remind people of this and uplift and empower them with my music, giving them space to express all their feelings no matter what it is they feel. Goddess Pop is a genre where I get to be everything I want to be—an expansive being with a genre-melding sound”  

Born and raised in Mumbai, Nikitaa’s dream has always been to make music. Starting at the age of 4 she took Piano lessons and Indian Classical music training. She later participated in music group competitions and the school choir. At age 10, she was certain that her passion was music, writing lyrics, and poetry; her artistic expression rapidly flourished. In high school, she managed to convince her parents to send her to study abroad, and she was set to pursue her dreams in LA. Nikitaa uses her craft to fill her life with joy and calmness. She finds inspiration in artists like Beyonce, A.R Rehman, Frank Ocean, and Banks but also from her classical roots. Nikitaa dreams.

In 2018 she released her first single, “Honest”, an enigmatic song brimmed with emotion and passion, Nikitaa was ready to start her career as an artist. She has been featured in Rolling Stones India Magazine, Tatler Asia, and Cliche Magazine -to name a few.

After “Honest” she amazed the world with “Exodus” and “Farewell”, proving she wasn’t just a one-hit-wonder. 

Fast-forward to the present day, Nikitaa is now coming with a brand new single, “On My Own”, easily her best work yet. A natural evolution of her previous releases, exotic but with an incredibly catchy rhythm, this song perfectly realizes the concept of “Goddess Pop” with the rich fullness of its sound that stimulates every bit of your brain as it tries to decipher every inch of the incredibly colorful tapestry. Nikita eschews the almost inescapable minimalism that permeates a lot of pop music as of late. This becomes much more meaningful when you take into account the themes of loneliness and frustration that she deals with in the lyrics; you would expect a very dour and icy track but instead, she shows herself so open and warm, so kind and full of life that you can’t help but feel like the universe has prepared the best possible answer to her song, and it’s only a matter of time before she gets it.

The song came out almost in time for all those who were alone on valentines day, but seeing as many people will relate even harder in the aftermath, it’s just as timely.

We can tell It’s not easy for an internationally-transplanted female indie artist to break through the industry standards, but Nikitaa has proven she is here to stay. Goddess Pop will bless us all!


Courtesy of the artist Story By: Armando Vera




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