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“I wrote ‘Messy’ at 2:00am one night when I was in my feelings.”

Says Savana Santos about ‘Messy’, the first single from her debut solo album. She directed, filmed, and edited the video entirely by herself a vulnerable feat to accompany a song that pulls the heartstrings into a nostalgic roller coaster of first loves.  The singer, songwriter, and producer has been penning songs since she was just 14 turning her diary-like storytelling into pristine, catchy bedroom pop. Her captivating soundscapes take the listener on the ins and outs and her most intimate journeys.

“It doesn’t always feel like a choice for me, I either sit with the feeling and let it soak into my body in a negative way or I can write about it and get it out in song form. I put an early version of the song on my Instagram two years ago, and to this day I still get messages asking when I’m putting it out or people telling me they’ve been rewatching the video. I knew it was one that stuck with my fans, so it was natural for me to release this first.”

She’s made a name in Nashville, working with acts like Bea Miller, Cat Burns, Little Big Town, JP Saxe, until setting her sights on solo projects, pouring her full pop-prowess into a brave and brilliant forthcoming solo debut. Up next she will release “cheater” on 8/4 giving fans more of her signature crystalline vocals that melt in your soul.


photos / Delaney Royer



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