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When Los Angeles-based Nedelle Torrisi is asked to name five things that represent paradise for her, she replies, “Romance, emotion, melody, hope and love.” It makes sense that these keywords also describe the sound of her new musical project named Paradise.
Having gone the solo route before, Torrisi has also been involved in many other musical projects including Cryptacize and has provided background vocals on albums by bands like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Torrisi explains that there hasn’t been too much of a divergence between her past involvement with music and Paradise, saying, “It isn’t different conceptually, but the songs have a different feel because it’s a different time. That’s really the only difference to me.”
Her first release, “I Love Thousands Every Summer”, is part of a deluxe limited edition 7″ vinyl and also features a collaboration with Dev Hynes who plays guitar on the track. “Dev and I have been friends since the Myspace days,” she says. “It’s funny— I sang on his record and you can barely hear me and he plays on my record and you can barely hear him. What does that mean?” she questions.
Listen to “I Love Thousands Every Summer” and “Psychic Returns” below:

For the Limited Edition Deluxe 7″ Vinyl (with download), go here.

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