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With 2017 now amongst us it’s about time we talk about the fresh faces we need to watch out for this year. Last year music was full of excitment due to heavyweights like Drake, Beyonce, Rihanna and The Weekend’s releases. Amongst them there were these 17 people below making a huge buzz on the interweb. I present to you the following:

  1. Kiiara

With the release of “Feels” and “Gold” being viral hits last year we’re keeping a close eye out on Kiiara. To see what she conjures up this year.

  1. Chester Lockhart

Chester Lockhart ended his 2017 with a lasting “Kiss.” The synth-heavy-alternative Pop singer is sure to make waves throughout the year. I’ll be very disappointed if he does not.

  1. Alana

Watching the video for her single Venomous the quirky singer has an old Hollywood glamorous vibe to her which made the video interesting, especially given the songs context. Everything about her something to watch out for. Aesthetic, glam and eeriness.

  1. Verite

The Brooklyn born singer released her single “Underdressed” and since then been building her catalog of sure hits. Then covered The 1975’s “Somebody Else” and turned it into her own gaining more traction to her.

  1. Ariana and the Rose

She’s supercool and definitely someone to lookout for. I’m too afraid to skate all over Manhattan so for her to do this is really badass. This will not be the last of Ariana and the Rose. Watch out for her this year.

  1. Zolita

With the “Holy” video that was the first time I can genuinely say I was in shock. The last time a stunt with religious undertones shocked the world was probably with Madonna, however the way it was subtly implied with her visual it was tastefully done. Zolita not only directed the video however wrote this song. A woman with a vision in a mans world is always someone to look out for.

  1. Hey Violet

“Guys My Age” is definitely anthem for anyone with daddy issues. It definitely caught my ear and made me dig deep into the bands discography. With 2017 I’m sure they will have “Brand New Moves” to offer. I’m intrigued to see the growth of this band.

  1. Ari Lennox

The first lady of Dreamville caused quite the storm late last year with the release of her highly anticipated EP PHO. Now let’s see what she cooks up this year but for now take a ride in the “Backseat.”

  1. Abra

Abra is someone to definitely watch out and has been on my radar for sure. She gives literal black girl magic with her sultry airy whimsical production as well as vocals. In a world filled with a lot of alternative musicians she’s honed her own. Pull Up ” here and watch what I’m talking about. 


An Iranian making amazing music in her own right. To breakthrough in oversaturated market with cultural appropriation is something I can stand by. I’d love to see what Sevdaliza does in 2017. She’s more than “Human,” she’s a Pop demi-god in the making.

  1. King Deco

With the release of Castaway, Deco was surely able to build a legion of online followers, which led to the release of Read My Lips.

  1. Liana Banks

LADYGUNN’s own Liana Banks released her viral hit LVL UP last year to just continue doing so with her debut mixtape Insubordinate. If you had to create the soundtrack for Tumblr it would definitely be her for sure.

  1. Leikeli47

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have as many female rappers running the game as we should. Nicki Minaj is only competing with herself at this point so it’s refreshing to see someone like Leikeli47 come along. Not only are her lyrics tongue-in-cheek, but she can spit bars too. I bet “Money” we’ll see her places.

  1. Raye

She sang about “I, U, Us” in the Charli XCX directed visual, however this year is all about her. Raye is surely someone to watch out for in the upcoming months. Now Shhh and enjoy the video! 

  1. Crystal Caines

A name you should begin to familiarize yourself with. Two years ago she dropped the track “Whiteline” featuring ASAP Ferg. She returned the favor by hopping on his track “Hungry Ham” with heavy weight producer Skrillex. She might have been slightly off the radar in 2016 but just get ready.

  1. Erik Hassle

Vocals, check. Charm, check. Production, check. Listening to his music thus far I can rest assure you he has not one bad song. The R&B/Pop crooner definitely has a great ear for music. Within the next year I’m sure you will be seeing him everywhere. Once his album drops I’ll definitely be Missing You.

  1. Era Istrefi

Bonbon, the viral hit heard all over the world. Before even watching the video and falling in love with the pink fur the single was captivating enough. There was enough sas, umph and bass to keep me going. I ended up doing research listening to her back catalog and Era has enough star power to break into the American market with the right single. Watching her live performances she definitely knows how to captivate an audience. We’re just waiting to see what’s her next move this year.

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