Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire

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photos / David Perez

story / Koko Ntuen

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire has been buzzed as being the next big thing to come out of Brooklyn for the last couple of years. There is an dynamic energy that surrounds him that is hard to suppress. Despite the numerous blogs and magazine dedicated to documenting his every single, release and show he still seems like he is always on his grind slow and steady to the top. On his rumored big contract wtih Universal in which they courted him for month beating out other labels who lost out due to their lack of one thing that Mr. X has which is passion. He says, “I told them {UNIVERSAL} that before I sign with the label I wanna meet with everybody else on the staff and see the people that I’m working with and have an understanding to what it means to be on a
major label. I told everybody I met with that but they were like the only people that showed up to the meeting where I had the whole entire staff of the label there. Everybody explained to me the job what they want to do and they gon’ kiss my ass and shit. And I was like ya mad dedicated to signin’ me and they really understood what I wanted to do, so I just signed with them. Made the most sense.”
Months later and multiple media shout outs from heavy hitting music empires like, ROLLING STONE, THE FADER, LADYGUNN and a bevy of hipsters everywhere singing his sleeper hit “Huzzah” word for word probably while watching the over million viewed rap noir video in which a shirtless Mr. Muthafucking eXquire is joined by his friends, Das Racist Danny Brown EL-P sing and some tranced out girls and the song ending with eXquire rapping;
“My ex girlfriend thought I wouldn’t ever be shit / Well looky here bitch my dick grew 6 inches since then/ Will I make it out the projects? I guess it depends, huzzah, bitch!

I mean he just made it to my top 5 favorite things about Brooklyn with that lyric alone. It’s obvious Mr. X is passionate about what he does. When I meet him his demeanor is calm, charming, cultured and welcoming, dare I say sexy?
Regardless of the blinged out gear in his mouth it’s a It’s a clear juxtaposition from the rapper he appears to be in his music videos drinking Gorgi Porgi and slapping asses. There are a series of mix tapes featuring the rapper popping up on the internet his debut has not yet been announced but he has project entitled Kismet featuring Danny Brown, Flatbush Zombies and more as well as tour dates.
Weeks after I meet him he’ll text me a picture of his stomach with a freshly tatted PASSION scribed the whole way across it. Obviously he is not stopping now.
Check out and @mrmfnexquire to find out more

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