Monogem Celebrates Guadalajaran Heritage with New Single  “Soy Lo Que Soy”

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story / Shabnam Ferdowsi

photos/ Avery Wheless


LA-based electro-pop artist Monogem enters a new era of courage and vulnerability with the first single she’s ever released in Spanish, “Soy Lo Que Soy”. The songwriter behind the project, Jen Hirsh, grew up as a half-mexican woman in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Struggling with her sense of identity, the Spanish language was a key part of preserving the culture her grandmother wanted to pass down.

The track tugs at Hirsh’s jazz and soul roots, while staying true to the electro pop sound she’s built her success on thus far. Over the past few years, she’s written a global hit with Lemaitre and shared the stage with touring acts such as Christine and the Queens and Nilüfer Yanya. Ever since a self-titled EP in 2016, her music has amassed millions of streams. 


For Monogem, the release of “Soy Lo Que Soy” is a vulnerable step towards self-realization and pays tribute to the culture that was so integral to her upbringing. 


“The song describes the feeling of change…almost a catharsis. The writing process of Soy Lo Que Soy was emotional and informative, but above all, has made me realize that I only am what I am, and always will be.” – Jen Hirsh



“Soy Lo Que Soy” is part of her upcoming So Many Ways EP out October 18, 2019.


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