Mike Sabath Is Ready to Change Your “Life” With His Highly Anticipated New Single/Video

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You might have heard of Mike Sabath before, the creative powerhouse and acclaimed producer, who is now delivering his most ambitious work yet. Titled “LIFE,” this single and its accompanying video promise to pull us down the rabbit hole, leading us right to the depths of Mike’s psyche and we’re more than ready to fall into his Wonderland.

Music was Mike’s first love, but he discovered his obsession with recording and production after countless GarageBand experiments on his brother’s laptop. His musical passions were ignited when he relocated to Los Angeles as a teenager. Mike quickly made a name for himself, crashing studio sessions and receiving invitations to collaborate. Within a few short years, he was writing and recording with some of today’s biggest names such as Shawn Mendes, Lizzo, Pharrell Williams, J Balvin, Meghan Trainor, and Camila Cabello. They recognized his undeniable creativity and ability to bring their visions to life. Driven by a desire to capture a new chapter in his life, Mike embarked on a search for a sound that would authentically reflect his memories and experiences. This quest led to the creation of his first LP “Being Human,” which was unlike anything he had previously worked on. The LP embodies an organic lived-in soundscape that seamlessly transcends various eras of pop music. It fearlessly explores a multitude of emotions and moments, ultimately converging on the universal truth that we are all intertwined in a web of love, whether we fully realize it or not.

With “LIFE,” Mike bares his soul, allowing us to witness his personal evolution unfold before our eyes. Rooted deep into the human experience, unearthing raw emotions and showcasing the transformative power of self-reflection. An immersive and intense sonic explosion is created by grittier guitar riffs, chaotic drum beats, and an undeniable hook. The visuals being displayed are meticulously crafted to complement the song’s intensity, serving as a representation of the catharsis that comes with embracing one’s vulnerability and covering the messiness of life. It is an invitation to confront our own demons, accept our imperfections, and find solace in the shared human experience. 

This record came from a moment of overwhelming frustration and loneliness that seemed to crack open the shell of who I was and forced me forward to evolve into the next version of myself.” 

This is not just a video, it is a work of art that has the potential to change the lens through which you see and perceive this existence. Through his unflinching honesty, Mike offers a guiding light to those who may be lost in the crazy landscape that is our reality. We are not alone in our struggles and there is beauty to be found in embracing every aspect of the human experience.

Mike has come a long way since building that studio in his brother’s backyard, though those same lyrics are still hand-scratched onto the wall, just in case he forgets where this all started. He’s now a massive icon in the music industry, achieving success through hard work and dedication. Mike is dead set on changing the lives of everyone who dares to listen to his music and we’re more than happy to help him reach this noble goal.

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