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As quarantine week #whoreallyknows approaches it’s end, now is more important than ever to engage in activities which promote glimmers of joy and normalcy amid these weirder-than-average times. Some are turning to tiger kings, others are becoming chefs or puzzle extraordinaries, but for a quick “pick-me-up” when you’re feeling extra glum, look no further than tropical-house DJ and producer, Matoma’s, fresh new single “Peligrosa (Mimosas).”

A sun-kissed collaboration with rising vocalist, songwriter & producer LATENIGHTJIGGY, “Peligrosa (Mimosas)” is a transportive bilingual bop. Interlacing Spanish and English phrases seamlessly, Matoma incorporates Latin rhythms and afro-beat percussion, the perfect foundation for JIGGY’s dance-hall tinged musings. The ideal mental escape when the four walls of your home feel as if they might actually be caving in, “Peligrosa (Mimosa)” shifts the listener into a blissful dimension. A magical dimension where COVID-19 doesn’t exist, the sun is a juicy orange slice, and your only worry is keeping that bubbly in your mimosa topped off. Matoma shared with us,

“Now more than ever, it’s all about the good vibes. This song always felt perfect for the pool party season, and it’s sad that the summer looks different to what we all imagined…but the great thing we’re all learning is with the right music and the right attitude you can have a good time anywhere! So let’s make up some mimosas at home, open the blinds and let the sun shine in, and bop around our kitchens because the party is always in our hearts!”

Since his debut in 2015, the innovative DJ has been making big splashes in the electronic community. A trailblazer on the scene, reviving and reinterpreting the electronic world of tropical house, in the past five years Matoma has metamorphosed into a global superstar, streaming well beyond the billions and playing to sold-out crowds in the thousands. Following the success of his highly-acclaimed 2018 album ‘ONE IN A MILLION,’ which garnered over 1 billion streams worldwide, Matoma has solidified his standing as one of the next big DJs destined for mainstream acclaim.



photo / Cybele Malinowski

story / Jessica Thomas

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